What makes "limited edition" - limited??

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  1. I was just curius. I know they only make a certain number, but what is the "number"?

    500, 1000, 2000 :confused1: ??? And does the number count for every color, or for the whole style.
    I asked this question at another thread but I dont think it fits there.

    Anyways, maybe the SAs in this forum can help. TIA
  2. I don't know what makes certain bags a "limited edition" (how many are made and such) but I do own a bag that is numbered inside (963 of 1000). I know it came in four styles and there were 1000 of each.
  3. I don't know. But when a "limited" bag shows up at an outlet, that doesn't make the bag limited.
  4. limited means that it would be around less, and less of it made then the regular collections, soho, hamptons, legacy...not to be confused that there would be limited editions under these branches.

    i'll give you an example, my hampton's leather signature flap better known as embossed to some. this style has not hit outlets that i know of, it was taken out of stores and consolidated, i had one in the color bordeaxu but unfortunately lost it, even though i got it at employee discount i would pay full price for it, i can't find it anywhere and you can't order it anymore.

    not every 'limited' edition will be like this, you just have to have an eye for it. and realize that asking the SA to see through tools of the trade how many total for that style both in stores and jax helps as well. that's how i know how much is made of a particular style, but usually you'd have to catch it right when it first comes out.