What makes Imma SUPER Giddy UUHHGG & Runway

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  1. Hi everyone!!!

    As some of you know i have been expecting a particular something something for the past week . Let's just say i would seriously consider selling a kidney for them , YES its that kind of UHG :graucho:

    I searched high and low for YEARS on ebay and every online site that may have it since i went dumb and passed it up when i had the chance to buy it a long time ago. I think the shoe god's must've answered my prayers and granted me my wish :P . It popped up on the very last outnet sale ( I DIED ) , but............ I couldnt purchase it on the day and it was gone within 10 minutes :cry: :cry: . Roll on , one week later who ever purchased it must've returned the shoe.

    I would like to thank all those pf'ers that made my go Blackberry crazy BING BING'ing with e-mails all afternoon * cough kuromi_chan cough * but the biggest thanks goes to lilmissb who made my UHG dream come true :kiss:

  2. [​IMG]
  3. How exciting!!!!!! I'm here... show me what you got :graucho:
  4. OH OH! I didn't know they'd popped back up and you'd gotten them!

    Oh, imma! They're gorgeous!
  5. :happydance: :yahoo:

    May i introducE ROBOCOPINA a.k.a my ROBOCOP

  6. So hot!!!!! Congratulations!!!
  7. Close up of the details
  8. Modelling pictures

  9. Thank you Cailtle & Elf :hugs:

    - THEY DID!!! ahahah but it was 1/2 size more than the size i needed.. UHG is a UHG right ;) There's always a way to make it work :P

    PAIR heheehhehe :ninja:
  10. Uh oh! :popcorn:
  11. Woww!! So happy for you Imma!!!
    These look great on you!!
  12. It's not everyday my Dbf actually LIKES the shoes i buy and actually helped me fund the shoe :happydance: . I've had this pair for a few months now but havent had the time to do a proper reveal for them . I cannot for the love of shoes WALK IN THEM ( at least more than 30 steps ) hahah , so for now whilst i learn how to walk in them , the sleep in my glass cabinet filled with my most favourite shoes :biggrin::biggrin:

    AFAIK this pair were the only one made and were from the runway :yahoo: BIG BIG BIG thank you to Savvysgirl :hugs:
  13. Ophrys Red Ostrich with black velvet 160 :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  14. [​IMG]

  15. OMG!!! These are GORGEOUS!!!!!!
    Love them!!!!!