what makes Hermes sweeter....

  1. what's the sweetest thing ur DH/loved one has ever done for u regarding hermes?? we ALL know about star's anniversary gift of the year from her #1 hubby of the year....anyone else care to share??

    as for me, i would have to say when hubby pays for the CC bill and my new H bag purchases are on there!!! :graucho: J/K!!

    i think the sweetest thing he's ever done for me regarding H was when he cancelled his activities on a saturday and spent it with me and my local H ladies for our getogether! he gave up his wknd basketball with the guys that morning and gambling (BIG sacrifice for him!) that afternoon to sit thru our hermes & tPF yapping at dimsum and more H yapping at the H store hours later! me loves him!!! :love:
  2. i'm dating a girl, ladies. just thought i'd get that out of the way. let's call her DG from now on. :P

    DG has gone to H with me millions of times and listened to me obsess over my Birkin since before I ever had it and went to see Claude with me both times I went (both times i made her wait outside because i was so nervous i wanted to get it over with alone)
    so anyone that can put up with me and my teacups and my Birkin saga and my trying on cashmere ponchos upstairs and my "OHHH LOOK AT THAT BELT I MUST HAVE IT!!" or my "Baby, i think i want an H diamond ring" is ALRIGHT by me. :flowers:
  3. I had E-mailed a picture and info of a bag I wanted from a reseller in NY based on a tip from Japster. DH did not sound happy when I called him at the office so I dropped it. He came home and asked if I wanted to discuss the bag, by which time I had resigned myself that I would just have to wait for another to appear, so I said no, and he said "fine" quickly....a little too quickly...so I got suspicious...and he finally said, "I got you the bag." That is how Ms. Vermillion got added to the collection. Of course we got into a fight later when I found out the Vert Anis was still available in SF...but only happy stories here right? ;)
  4. My DH is so sweet. Let's see...he bought Miss Evelyne for me with his bonus check when he was on a business trip, he brought back a Hippo cadena for me on the next business trip, he went to H with me every weekend for three months after we moved back to the Bay Area, before that he would drive 4 1/2 hours with me to go to Hermes. :love: Not to mention the Ulysee and countless scarves he's bought for me. Plus he is always fun to shop with and really takes an interest since it is something I love. :heart:
  5. Thank you for this thread PBC, I think a lot of DH, DB, DG here are very sweet. Mine certain is. Let's not mention the Birkin and the two Kellys he's gotten me and concentrate on this little episode the other night:
    I had gone to bed already and DH was walking around downstairs, and then out of no where he saids "Rouge VIF". I was SHOCKED, had I finally obsessed and talked about Hermes enough that my DH now knows what "Rouge VIF" is??? That night we just couldn't stop saying Rouge VIF to each to each other, it's like our little private joke now.
    I love him, he's the best :love:
  6. My first gift from my dh when we where dating was a H scarf. I was not really in to H at that time but he wanted to get me something nice that why he chose Hermes.

    The scarf still means a lot to me b/c it was the first gift he gave me and I knew that it bunt a hole in his pocket at the time b/c he was doing his residency. Now that he is established and we are married he still treats me the same. Which is the best thing about him.

    ie. buying me H gifs, offering to buy me my birkins, charming the H staff so I can get my birkin, driving me to fedex last night so I can pick up the H package he got me(I couldn't wait for the 2nd delivery attempt), listening to my H dreams and reading the H leather reference guide I printed out for him so he knows what I want and taking me to Paris in Jan to find my birkin.

    gee...after reading what I just wrote I realize I am a bit OCD over my birkin and how much I love my dh for putting up with me.:crybaby:
  7. that is such a good surprise...great dh
  8. it was one of those early days when i just started going crazy over H bags. i just got my first kelly - the olive green chevre 28 and then got called a few weeks later for a gold togo birkin 30. the day DH went with me to survey the gold birkin before purchasing it, my teaser of an SA also brought out an orange kelly 32 with GH! i was dying because i knew i can only get one bag that day! i seriously love the orange kelly too but i knew i have to have a birkin that time (that was for my birthday on january). the next occasion was then valentine's day, feb 14th, just a few weeks after my b-day - DH surprised me with that orange kelly! i was crying into pieces - that was a sweet day!
  9. haha this reminds me of some funny dream i had. i dreamt that my pug insisted i buy myself a vermillion crocodile Birkin. my pug had a british accent in my dream and was highly serious about his advice. i woke up in the morning laughing telling my DG about the dream and then explained what the color vermillion was and showed pics online. so now anytime our private joke is "vermillion croc Birkins" as advised by our dog.
  10. aaaaaw....this is soo sweet to read all ur stories. the stuff they go thru to make us happy. sometimes i feel so bad when we're in bed and i'm on my laptop surfing tPF, or looking up anything hermes on ebay, or i'm IMing with moviegirl about hermes!! of course, DH is surfing cars on his laptop too, but eventually he puts it away and will snuggle with our dogs while he waits for me to finish. in the end he & the dogs all fall asleep and i'm still surfing H.....
  11. My husband introduced me to Hermes as "the best one can have". After I expressed interest in a black Birkin 35cm with PH and actually was robbed on ebay and cried for weeks on end, he made it his personal mission to get me one. I really think that had he not been as charming and charismatic and firm in his endeavor I'd not have such a wonderful and personal relationship with my boutique or my beloved Birkin.

    My Birkin arrived about 5 months after I was robbed on ebay and he went with me and announced to everyone that he was buying me this as a new baby gift (we'd just found out we were pregnant again). He was also great about not getting upset with me when I lost thousands of dollars previously on the fake.

    The other thing he did was recently, is he walked up one day while I was at Neimans in Orange County and I was looking at a scarf with a sailing motif. The baby was crying so we just left. My hubby then called back but the scarf was gone, so he called 2 more locations having to describe the design and color because he had no clue what the name was. I arrived home a couple of weeks later to find a package at my door and inside was the scarf. It has special significance since we sailed for one year after we were married. We're now a family with 2 babies and no boat, had to trade one for the other! But the scarf is of personal significance to both of us and he says it reminds him of our romance. I know he is super busy while at work so the fact that he called around for this piece is very special to me.

    He is also an angel about watching the kids so I can go to Hermes!
  12. Great Thread PBC!!

    My DEAR, DARLING HUSBAND...who I really miss right now, and near TEARS:crybaby: because he has been gone on a FUN trip with the guys for 7 days now ( I let him go)...He will be back on MON.:yahoo: He was trying to surprise us and come home SAT., but couldn't get a connecting flight out of the city back to us.

    Anyways, he's done so many special things since my NEW LOVE of HERMES developed:

    1. You all know he FOUND THIS tPF BOARD FOR ME! to learn and meet all you WONDERFUL PEOPLE.

    2. The most special is that he took me to TX to get my first bag. There was really no other reason to really go there, saw some family by accident and went to look at property, but the entire trip was for the intent to look for an H-bag for ME!!

    3. He bought me my second bag within the same month, b/c I told him it was what I really wanted!!

    4. He is planning to take me to PARIS next year just so that I can go to HERMES!!:yahoo: :yahoo:

    I LOVE THIS MAN SO MUCH!!:heart:
  13. croissant my friend's DG would sooner i don't know what before she would be patient with all that you listed. hang on to your DG!

    my dh went into hermes alone 3 years ago (at that point i had never entered the store myself) with zero knowledge and asked the SA to bring him every purple bag in the store for him to consider (i'm not obsessed with purple but i like the color and he wanted to narrow his search some how. lol) for my birthday. amazingly they had over half a dozen. then, along with the SA, he went through each bag, considered each one and decided which was the most my style, before selecting and buying my one and only bag. he came home and made me wait in another room, covering my eyes so that i wouldn't see the big orange shopping bag. he made sounds of effort to make me think he was lugging in something really heavy (he totally had me fooled) before locking it in the spare room). 6 months later he went back to buy my purse a little leather companion (the clarissa pouch) from there too, for the holidays.
    these days i just really appreciate whenever he'll just listen to my admiration for hermes - very patient and sweet. thanks for letting me enjoy his kindness all over again!
  14. aaaawww, this was such a wonderful thread to read:love:
  15. I agree, I love threads like this.

    HH, you forgot to mention your scarf from Spain. That story is just the sweetest, I love how he selected a scarf to commemorate your daughter starting school. You DH is so adorable.