What makes GOYARD soooooo expensive?

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  1. #46 Jan 3, 2010
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    Don't you mean to split the "Y" into three Chevrons "V"s? So technically, it should be to paint the Chevrons of one colour at the same time.

    Sorry to be so pedantic about this stuff, I just want to clarify :biggrin:
  2. I have always wondered this and read the entire thread. I must say that for me I am a dissappointed. For one I knit, I write and I can't understand how painting dots from a stencil is "craftsmenship". My little cousin could do it. So maybe there is something else I am missing.

    People compare it to LV and say it's more craftmanship than LV, which I have to disagree it's more labor, more tedious, more boring for the worker than LV but not more craftmanship. Also I have to add that the prices for goyard are far more expensive than LV and are closer to Hermes than to LV. And no offensse but in my opinion I would rather have a piece made of the softest thickest leather by one craftman who makes the bag, wallet, journal from start to finish than stenciled dots....

    But to each his own.

    That said I like looking at them as I like looking at the bags of many designers I would never buy. Prior to this thread I was thinkig about a coin purse or something small to try out the brand but this thread cured me of that which is for the best as my LV + Hermes fasination addiction is close to breaking the bank anyway.

    Still glad to see goyard finally get a forum so I can look at the products as the website does not allow that (no doubt to keep "certain" people out like me and away from the brand, that and the snotty SAs I met on my two brief trips into goyard stores. )
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    I think that something should be clarified:

    The "Stencil" is purely for alignment- to make sure that they aren't slowly painting themselves into a slope or painting too large or small.

    Each dot is made by hand, not through some tiny stencil. Each artist has their own way of doing it. So, no two pieces are exactly the same.

    Compare the photos of the close-ups below. Each is different. Some have more variations than others, some are nearly perfect. With Goyard people should know when they do charge sends that the pattern does vary slightly.

    When I say "craftsmanship" I mean that someone put alot of hours into doing a painstaking thing for the sake of tradition. I have been a fan of LV for ages, but when I look closely at my monogram bags and I see the screen print of logo on it it is a reminder of how little thought goes into creating them.

    I have also had bad experiences with snotty SA's at stores like LV, Hermes, Chanel, etc. I know that companies can only control to a certain extent how their employees act when they don't have management hovering over them. You have to take these things with a grain of salt and realize that it is unfortunate that the people at a store aren't representing the brand well. You can always write to the company about your bad experience, as companies appreciate being told what they need to work on.

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  4. Just to make them bigger:
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  5. i understand that the dots are for alignment, but as i stated earlier... painting dots is not exactly "complex" or "intensive" just boring...

    i had hoped for more in that i thought that it was the training and the time that lead to the alignment, that there were no stencils or guides that it was skill alone. but once you have the stencils, not just as a general guide but for each color and each section, that takes away what to me was the hardest and most challenging part, and leaves only the tedium......

    plus after looking at the bags in person the fabric used is VERY thin, more a cloth than a canvas, and like i said i could be missing something, but i just dont see a goyard tote lasting a decade let alone generations as most H bags should with care...

    i like learning about things in general, and i think the pattern is neat, even if it stenciled...
  6. Wow! I never knew about the hand painted dots & the history of the brand. Thanks for the info.
  7. I was told in both Barneys and Bergdorfs that they are stenciled on, and that if they were in fact free hand painted the price would be way higher...... I have one Goyard and I love it, and I love to look at them when I'm in the store but I think I'm happy with just one of these.... it really bothers me that some of my white dots are so much finer than others and that they seem to wear off very easily at the corners, I hate high maintenance bags, it takes the joy out of owning it for me.
  8. If I am not mistaken , the monogram and damier are not made of leather - it's canvas , only the handles are leather. Plus I never heard how to canvas is produced , nor where it really comes from.
    And I heard , like Amourcouture said , that not a lot of care are put into the making of the bags. They are made in France too but on assembly line , like in China but in France.
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    Yup, it is a PVC coated canvas I think, which is a toughened fabric nowadays usually derived from cotton. But as with all bags (even in China), although pieces may be machine cut; stitching, gluing and assembly of pieces, flaps and handles must be done manually.