What makes GOYARD soooooo expensive?

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  1. example: St. Louis PM - $940/515€ (Paris)/£480 (London)
    St. Louis GM - $1095/ £580 (London)

    the french and english price contains tax already, not sure about the $ price
  2. Thank you so much!!!!

    Now I know what I'm buying on my next trip to Europe!!!:graucho:
  3. no problem, don't forget to get your VAT back ^^
  4. :yes: That makes it even more affordable!! :tup:
  5. I've got to admit that I find the idea of someone hand-painting all those dots somewhat disturbing. I mean, it's not like each Goyard has an individual pattern, so the very same effect could be achieved by printing, and painting the dots must be the most boring work in the world. To me, it seems akin to making someone run in a hamster wheel to charge one's cell phone (even though there is a power outlet right next to the wheel) simply because one can afford to do so.
  6. LOL! I have to agree. What's the point of hand painting the same pattern over and over? Hand painted or not, they all look the same. So to me-- as the OP noted, it's a relative thing--these bags are super overpriced.
  7. the pattern looks the same from afar, but if you look at each dot you'll see the difference. some find it disturbing, others find it fascinating (all the craftmenship). however, I read somewhere that the dots arent all individually painted, but there are stencils :confused1: (even though they look individually painted to me)
  8. Here's what wiki knows about goyard:

    Edmond Goyard always keenly embraced every possible innovation. Using the family’s knowledge of wood, he developed a natural, resistant and waterproof canvas, which, from then on, covered the trunks. Goyard continues to weave its material using this technique established by Edmond.

    The Goyard fabric is made of linen, cotton and hemp woven together. The natural unbleached linen, produced in a workshop in Carcassonne, is shaved and heated manually - thereby subtly erasing the hollows, knots and other irregularities which often appear in linen. Those that inevitably remain become part of the fabric’s individual character and history - ensuring uniqueness. The subsequent ageing process sees this natural fabric become even more distinctive with the passage of time.

    All the shades of the Maison Goyard fabrics need four successive, manual dippings into the cadrette, in order to create the quartet of colours synonymous with the Goyard motif. The gum Arabic, which works to obtain the colour pigments, is placed on the cadrette composed of silk threads. With the help of a scraper, the gum Arabic penetrates - but only passes to precise parts of the cadrette - to meticulously print the design upon the fabric. The cadrette is moved around all over the fabric several times during the printing process. After each eight times, the cadrette is cleaned in water to keep the silk threads from getting dirty.

    Significantly, La Maison Goyard has always refrained from making this process automatic. Hence, as the points composing the pattern are extremely delicate - and therefore never quite identical - each piece of fabric remains unique.

    After each colour application, the fabric must dry for a whole day. The overall colour density can duly be affected by subtle changes in temperature, enabling additional, pleasing variations of hue to appear. The seams are not visible - even when subjected to the most careful scrutiny. Only the nuances of the new fabric which appear during this drying stage (or the delicate signs of ageing found in much older trunks) fully confirm the authenticity of the handmade process.
  9. I hate to be a dog in the manger, but I do find the price high for what you're getting. And my most expensive bag is near $3k, so it's not like I have a problem spending money on bags.

    That said, every bag has its fans, and I hope the Goyard fans get their forum soon. :hugs:

  10. The USD $ prices don't include taxes, because taxes in the USA are different in every state and city.
  11. agree...no matter how i look at it...i just don't like it. same way i look at longchamp...just can't understand what the hype was/is....??
  12. thanks for the info! so whenever I see a USD price online or in a shop in the US it's without taxes? And only upon buying will I know the full price?
  13. That's right. The final price depends on the State you have the product shipped to. If you're having it shipped overseas, there shouldn't be any taxes charged.
  14. good to know, thanks!
  15. It's not really a hype, Goyard was making luggage before LV was and I certainly don't and never will understand the hype with LV so it just depends on a person's taste and I definitely prefer the understated elegance of Goyard over any other brand (except Chanel) :smile: