What makes GOYARD soooooo expensive?

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    Hello! I was just wondering about this question after looking more at Goyard bags recently. I love the styles and think the bags are so cute with their prints, but what makes them so expensive? Are they canvas bags or all leather? Take a tote bag for example. It's way more money in comparison to a similar style Louis Vuitton Neverfull. Are these hand detailed? Or made of any special materials? It's just that I would really love one of these bags, but the prices seem so steep. I am just curious what makes them worth so much. Thanks! :smile:

    ps. I understand the concept of exclusivity of the brand, etc. and surely people would say the same for LV- that they don't understand why the prices are so high for canvas, but I was just wondering if it is something more than that with Goyard! :smile:
  2. As far as I know, the price is due to a few different reasons.

    The bags are all hand made and hand painted- they use sewing machines when they need to, but all the dots are painstakingly painted by hand. As I understand it, this process is largely similar to when the company first began, except for the incorporation of sewing machines and perhaps other small technological innovations. However, it is nowhere near the mass production in the way of Louis Vuitton.

    Also, the material of the bags is not leather. There is leather detailing and specific parts of certain bags that might be leather, such as flaps, etc, but the popular Sainte Marie pouches, Fidji hobos, and St. Louis totes are, among others, constructed from a water-resistant (proof?) canvas that is made of cotton, linen, and hemp all woven together to form this sturdy material.

    I hope this helps and if I'm wrong about this, please correct me! This is just as I remember from chatting with my SA.

  3. Ah, thanks for all the info! Hand-painting would definitely make sense. A person actually does all those little dots? That is amazing. That said, I can understand the price.

    Are the straps on the canvas bags made of leather? Has it been known for the dots/details to wear off at all with normal use?
  4. i had no idea the totes were hand painted! i just loved the look of them. i've been lusting after a goyard tote but can't afford one right now.
  5. the dots rubbed off on the very corner of my Okinawa PM (it's a very rigid bag, and the same happened to my LV Speedy Mono printing). but it's only noticeable if you look at the corners specifically like I did and I had the bag for over 3 years (not using it frequently though). I think it's quite normal that the top layer rubs off on some parts
  6. Hand painted! Even the LV neverfull is expensive for what it is!
  7. i don't think goyard is "sooo" expensive, but i do think the hard work that goes into every single individual piece is worth it. so many things these days are mass produced and boring.. goyard is a designer brand that is so unique and personalized.
  8. I have a Goyard and it really isn't that expensive. All the dots are hand painted so I actually think it is very well priced. When you look at all the dots that somebody painstakingly painted, it really is gorgeous and so personal.
  9. Yeps, the straps on the canvas bags are made with leather, and the top rim of the St. Louis bags are trimmed off with leather as well.

  10. would it be cheaper to get a Goyard bag in America or France??????????
  11. France definitely
  12. Any idea of the price difference between US & France?
  13. Yes, every single tiny dot on the canvas is hand painted. No two items are the same!

    Most of the trims are leather and box calf (veal), with the canvas being highlighted. They also make many beautiful leather only peices for those who don't like the canvas print.
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    Let's remember that prices are always relative to the individual person, and this thread isn't asking about whether it is or isn't expensive. It's about why it costs what it does. So what is "sooo" expensive to me may not be to you. It is very expensive for a canvas bag to me. ;) Now that I realize the work that goes into them, I can understand the cost more, but that doesn't make them any less expensive, even though they are worth the price.

  15. Amazing! I would love to see them in the process of being made- that would just be so cool. I just can't imagine someone painting all those dots.

    Thanks for the info, everyone!
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