What makes Goyard so wonderful?

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  1. As far as I know the price is constituted because all bags are handmade and handpainted. Though I am not sure if that has changed in recent years.

    Goyard bags are made with special resin-coated linen and are lined with a cotton/linen fabric that leaves the bag light as a feather.

    Also there is an air exclusivity, the only have 14 retail locations.
  2. ^ Really? The SA told me that the bags were machine cut & sewn but hand assembled.
  3. They are amazingly tough and hardworking no need to baby, they are elegant and classy... despite the horrible comments like the mono print...I dont think it's loud in fact it's not that obvious from a far...because when you look a it from a distance all you can see is a solid gorgeous color, and about the tarpaulin feel...oh c'mon! I love goyard tote's! all bag hags should have this in every collection!
  4. reztyle: Surpisingly, now that I know more about Goyard, I see them quite a bit. Well really when i'm in the Hoity Toity areas of Atlanta. I like them though. I've been looking at their red tote for a casual weekend bag.
  5. chichick: it is getting a little more popular now. I've seen a couple in my area but it's always the tote.
  6. i love my goyard st. louis pm in yellow.. it is so light to carry.. i love the color too and is not common.. in our place, haven't seen one having but me.. weeeeeee love it!
  7. Has anyone seen or bought one of their trunks? I understand that many buy Goyard's bags, but what first brought my attention to Goyard was that they still created special orders and if I ever had the opportunity I would like to know the quality and price of their wardrobe trunks.
  8. I am an Hermes person but I have a few LVs mainly to be used for when it rains and to go to the beach. I am looking to purchase a Goyard tote but I am concerned because I am hearing a lot of bad things about the handles of the St. Louis. Everyone keeps saying that the bags are of high quality but now I am kind of scared to purchase one. Since the St. Louis is out, anyone here have any experience with the new Marquises tote?
  9. Attention to detail. They are now pretty known, but exclusive & elusive. Who wants to be like everybody else ?
  10. They are amazing , had always love goyard , especially their trunks and their colors , love the emerald green the MOST :smile:
  11. mmm thats a tuff question!
    when i saw sac vondome i fell in love instantly i never saw a brand with the wooden detail and the is something about the canves that makes it appealing and ya the exculsivity not like many brand e.g. chanel >> dont get me wrong its one of my fav brand.. but one thing the customer service is not that good in paris i had a bad experience where i got mad and i'm a calm person!
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