What makes Goyard so wonderful?

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  1. As others before have said, it's a brand that "flies under the radar." That said, there are many people that notice them of course, but the important thing is the most people do not, which I love. I can carry it in NY and not feel over-the-top-hey-look-at-me, and I can carry it in my Southern hometown and no one notices it.
    I also adore that they can be personalized and are hand-painted (both the chevrons and the initials/symbols/stripes) by artisans in a single factory in France.
    As windbourne pointed out, Goyard is EXTRMELY durable which is great. I use my St. Louis for schoolbooks every day during the school year and it still looks like new. I've been using it for a fully year and a half (about 10 or so school months).
    Plus, i think it's addictive (for the reasons I gave!)... for me, anyways. I haven't purchased a single non-Goyard bag since getting my first Goyard two and a half years ago, besides receiving 3 non-Goyard bags as gifts (including my first Chanel - but it's just not Goyard). Someday maybe I'll get over it. Maybe I never will and I'll just keep collecting, which is totally and completely fine with me.
  2. Goyard is hand-painted and of good quality, light-weight which is what makes it wonderful.

    I'm more of a quality and craftmanship buyer rather than just designers. Goyard fits that criteria. In regards to the understatedness, I have the opposite feeling. Goyard in my location is recognizable except that it's not everywhere because there are no Goyard boutiques and only through purchasing overseas, then we can buy a Goyard bag.
  3. Goyard is so unique. Goyard colors are lovely. and no two bags are the same because its handpainted.
  4. I agree with all of you. My favourite brand is Hermès, so I have to add that Goyard have "better" prices as well and the bags are so easy maintenance! Also you can get the bags eprsonalised with those cheerful stripes and large initials.

    I also lvoe that they're just into bags and leather/chevron products. No Prêt-à-Porter, no perfumes, candles, sheets, and other bric-à-brac etc. They keep their savoire-faire. Also there are no seasonal bags and you make an investment for life when you buy a bag.
  5. i personally have a thing for the unique i find that goyard shares a heritage with vuitton but they have taken things the right way , example no1./ the crosiere a beautifull bag in terms of size and look i look at it as the up graded version of the vuitton speedy it has 4 little feet , it comes with a base it has 2 zipper pulls , rings for a sholder strap , better inner pockets and ajustable handles divine just perfect , i love my speedy specialy my multi and my graffitti but i the croisiere just seems better , also goyard has this charm of being old world classic not over done or over exploited i just feel its in the right place hermes is my favoirite brand but goyard in canvas holds the no.1 place , and everything they make quality wise in my experiance has been better , example my fiancees wallet hermes perfect but delicate gucci is un mentionable the quality is just sad and louis oooo louis how public its is goyard perfect . besides the chevron looks like an entre weave and its almost 3d i love all of the sense it has mostle but goyard is definatly in two words practical chic !
  6. Just love them!
  7. Everyone talks about the quality of the Goyard bag, but I am wondering how long has the bag lasted you...5 years? 10 years?
  8. yes, how long do they hold up?
  9. This says it all for me. I bought my first Goyard (orange St Louis, PM) a year and a half ago to use as a diaper bag...

    I fell in love and since then have bought a further 3 Goyard bags. I used to mix things up, buying LV, Chanel, Prada et al, but now I'm totally addicted to Goyard and will probably not rest until I have one in every colour.

    They don't go out of style either as my mother-in-law has one from the 80s and it's still very chic!
  10. I should have looked through the various theads before posting my question, because your explaination anwsered my question perfectly!
    I am starting to feel like your husband, yet, it is not because I see everyone with a LV, it is because my husband's family just jumped on the LV band wagon and everytime we get together at least 4 people is carrying a Speedy all 30's. No one had a 30 until they saw mine and It is driving me nuts!!:throwup:

    I am going to show my DH this brand and see what he says, since he is the one the purchase all of my bags for me!

    Thanks you again:biggrin:
  11. ok, i know this is a very old question...but i'm up late, bored so i figure i'll take a minute to explain why i love the brand so much...

    i've known about the brand for some years now...it was the silent rival sister of vuitton. I knew their quality was superior to vuitton's but how much i didn't know until i got my bag. it's the hotel du parc, which is technically a luggage piece, but can easily be used as an everyday bag for men.

    while in paris i saw so many vuitton's it was ridiculous...yet i only saw two or three goyards. while the pattern isn't all that subtle (in comparison to say, a solid colored bag...but then again, is any monogrammed bag subtle), but relatively speaking it is a lot more subtle and classier (imho) than vuitton or gucci.

    it is extremely sturdy, i had two pair of shoes, three pair of jeans, four shirts, three scarves, hygiene products, my 15 in laptop, and an external hard drive all packed in there...i thought i was going to break the straps, but they held their own...actually i think i was more wore out from carrying that weight than the handles were, lol...

    the reverence the brand has for it's history is another thing that attracts me to the brand. whereas vuitton acknowledges its history, it seems more interesting in staying up to date and relevant than it does preserving what made it great. goyard on the other hand is just the opposite, at the mothership one can see the actual trunks used by the duke of windsor and other antique pieces...i didn't see anything of the like at the vuitton mothership...

    when i was walking down saint-honore, an older woman draped in fur from head to toe and carrying a birkin looked at me, then down at my bag...then back up at me and smiled...when she came closer she complimented me on my style and appreciate for great craftsmanship at a young age...i think that should tell you something...
  12. Agree with r.b_boi's comments. The heritage of Goyard is probably unmatched in luggage, add to that some very classic/ timeless designs and the fact that few people carry it compared to other brands makes Goyard very attractive for me.
  13. :bump:
    I love it because it's so joyful & bright. Not everyone recognizes it - which is wonderful. And last but not least, it's well made. Yes, it's machine sewn but the colors are hand painted. And did I mention it's waterproof and scratch resisitant? Love!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. gotta disagree with you on the "hot right now" bit, Goyard is definitely on fire right now - as soon as Chinese fakes of something start popping up it means its "made it" into mainstream culture

    google Goyard replicas :smile:
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