What makes Goyard so wonderful?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am a LV and Chanel lover, but keep coming to this forum. What makes Goyard so wonderful? What is the quality like and do they hold up? Mainly, I just want to know why you love them?
  2. I appreciate that they're understated (the logos don't scream at you) and you don't see them everywhere, plus with the color and customization options you can really make them unique. They've also been around a long time (they're not "hot right now" type of brand) and are very high quality. Also, the craftsmanship and artistry in making the design.
  3. ^^ Agree w/ above and easy to maintain, ease of use, just love them.
  4. They completely fly under the radar. Nobody has a clue what they are in my part of the country. Goyard grew on me and now I love the different colors...and I love the lightness factor.
  5. I have to disagree here, when you see the pattern-forming chevrons, I see it as screaming Goyard IMO. What I like about them is definitely the choice of colours, the fact that they can be extremely casual or dressy, and the fact that their shapes and styles are quite unique and cute :yes:
  6. I agree that the chevron is easily identified as Goyard - provided that you know who and what Goyard are. For most people, it's an unknown brand.

    I understand what the previous poster meant about Goyard "flying under the radar". I love that so few people recognise my Goyard when I carry it. I've only ever had it recognised once, and in my city of 3 million people, I've only seen three Goyards in the last 3 years, yet I see LV on every second person when I'm in the city.
  7. My St. Louis is my go-to bag for work, travel and lazy Sundays. It's so versatile and light, fits most looks and I LVoe the fact that it is painted and not printed. The craftsmanship is excellent and it is hard wearing. The Neverfull is comparable to it, but I believe Goyard has a thinner canvas that molds itself effortlessly onto the body. Your brands (LV and Chanel) are exquisite too, so why not add a G to your collection?
  8. Is anyone else impressed with how well the handles survive tons of weight? I think the St Louis can carry just about anything.
  9. I love the LV neverfull but I don't want to be the no.8 person out of 10 people carrying it which is why I love mine. It's understated and the St Louis is the BEST mommy bag ever!
  10. I love that they are rare bags and are hand-painted!
  11. First and foremost I love LV but as DH said today that it's played out. We were at the mall and I lost count on how many people were carrying LV. I was actually joking to DH that we should play let's see who can spot an LV game but he thought it would be too easy and said he'll give me $50 instead if I can spot a Goyard, of course I didn't win. That said I love the history of both companies, they never go on sale, quality is superb but Goyard has plenty more colors, hand painted, more personalized and the exclusivity of it makes it more appealing to me. I've been carrying my Boeing for a week now and two people recognized her, one worked at Nordstrom handbag section and the other was a French gentleman. But I still won't get rid of my LVs like DH wants but my current fave is Goyard. Hopefully they'll stay the same and won't get massed produced. I feel more comfortable carrying an expensive handbag that no one really recognizes because I am carrying it for me because I love it and not because it's a designer luxury handbag.
  12. reztyle, i love your explaination !

    i havent seen a goyard irl yet (no store in aus), but i hope to see their quality and understand it for myself sometime soon
  13. i love Goyard. it is light-weight; very functional; very beautiful casual yet stylish colors; can hold up tons of things in it w/o the fear of getting torn; and, yes, it's not mass produced. i like that there is (feeling of) "exclusivity" in carrying a Goyard. :cloud9:
  14. goyard is light plus tha fact that u dont see them everywhere !
  15. i second windbourne..

    i really appreciate goyard's craftmanship. i loveee the fact that goyard is veryy light, very durable - i wear it to carry tons of books and computer yet the handles are still perfect. i once spilled a bottle of coke before n it came off! they are also multifunction - stylish to wear for work and casual, and somehow understated (eventho the logos are painted all over). most of all, it is still uncommon, and... uh those colors! wish i can have 'em all.
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