what makes Chanel worth the money/special to you?

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  1. As someone who is still on the fence as to whether or not to take the plunge and spend so much money on a handbag, I would love to hear from you all in the forum as to what, in your opinion, makes your Chanel bags worth the investment to you and what makes them special. Conversely, if there is anyone in the forum who has experienced regrets following a Chanel bag purchase and would like to share what perhaps made the experience not worth it to them, that would be helpful as well.
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  2. Chanels are the ultimate lady bag for me so that makes it worth it. Only you can decide if spending thousands on a bag is justified to you. If your on the fence then maybe your not ready to take plunge. Once you go on this path trust you will continue to want more. It honestly doesn't even seem like a lot of money anymore relative to bags. I know that sounds strange but it's just what Chanel bags cost.
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  3. If you'll be in such a debt after purchasing then yes it's not worth it. But if you love the bag so much and you have the money, then buy now! It's a worthy investment for someone who loves bags. But don't buy just for the purpose of keeping it and waiting for the huge price increases and reselling. You should buy it because you think it's a classic that a lot of girls hope to own even just one at any time in her life. If it's the bag of your dreams and you can own it without getting bankrupt then yes it's a worthy investment! But if there are other things more important than just owning a chanel classic then you should go with that rather. Honestly, the bag is overpriced right now, but still the world wants it so still the prices go up ridiculously. I had regrets not buying this thing before when it was half-priced. So same bag, that is double priced from before is really hard to buy right now eventhough you have the money (kinda disheartening), thinking of this actually. But in some way, Im also thinking that I might regret even more not buying now in the future.
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  4. I am also thinking twice before I spend the money on a Chanel handbag. I am thinking of starting out with a Mini flap bag. If or when I do take the plunge, it has to be on a handbag that is made as perfect as possible. I have read about quality issues and I do not want to be a customer that has a problem with a handbag. I am leaning towards getting one though.
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  5. I recently purchased my first Chanel, a vintage jumbo XL (maxi) classic single flap in black lambskin leather with gold hardware (24K gold plated; MIF; series 3, 1996). It's 20 years old, in great condition, and I absolutely adore it. I plan to use it for special occasions and to add something extra to casual outfits. This one will always be a part of my collection. I'm so glad my first Chanel is a vintage piece because I was able to get exactly what I wanted in great condition at a reasonable price. Also, I've noticed that vintage lambskin is very durable. I don't think I'm going to have to "baby" this bag as much as I thought.
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  6. Many years ago I purchased my first Chanel bag in 2007 or 2008, then I purchased my second in 2010. I thought the 07-08 price was okay, it wasn't too different than other things I used to purchase at the time. In '10 I was surprised that the price was substantially higher. I liked my '10 purchase so much that I was interested in owning another in a different color, so several years later I went into a boutique and asked about it...it was much much higher priced. I was so shocked by the price that I actually walked out of the boutique empty handed and never looked back. I thought the bags were beautiful and elegant- but I felt like my collection was enough and I didn't need to add to it. Then in '15 I saw the camera bag and adored it- I inquired about the price, left, mulled over it then went back a week later to purchase it.

    Recently, though, I find myself a lot more drawn to Chanel. In the '08 I used to mainly carry LV and some Hermes. From '12 till recently I mainly carried Hermes. The '15-'16 me seems to prefer Chanel. I don't really know how or why this happened but probably a normal change in taste as I grew older. I actually bought 2 of them this year, one classic flab and a woc. Still trying to decide if I want to add a second large flap (my original was from 2010) but probably a bit later in the year (obviously due to the fact that they are quite high priced!).

    So I guess my whole explanation is...yes, I do find them expensive but I don't see an issue with owning a few here and there. They are really classy bags and can be used for many occasions, the formal, the casual, work, etc. It is definitely NOT worth it if you are going to go into debt for owning a bag, but if you can afford it and you love it then why not?
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  7. I bought one and kept it in the box for three months, now i'm wearing it i'm glad i bought it and it's gone up in price since then too, so it's good i didn't wait.Before i bought it i had a price in my mind of how much i was willing to spent on any one bag at this moment in my life, if it had gone over that price i would not of bought it even though i could of saved up a bit longer and still got it.
  8. Hi! Is the side seam of your brand new bag look a lot like this? Is this normal for brand new bags? I mean the side seam looking a little overpulled?

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    I love Chanel since I was a teen and knew what Chanel was. Although I think that Chanel flaps are very beautiful, I don't think they are investments. I was bitten hard by the bug in my 30's and purchased the usual classic bags (jumbo, m/l, and woc) that's on the "must haves" list. While I think they are classic in designs, I didn't reach for them as much as I anticipated. It's ironic that one of the main feature of the bag (which I love) is one of the things that irks me. The chain straps are noisy and it bothers me that people can hear me whenever I reach for it. Now in my 40's, I don't miss them and I have no regrets. I have other bags that brings me much joy and contentment.
    I still love Chanel and will probably buy another bag if I see one that catches my eye. The annual price increase irks me but I don't let that influence me to make a purchase now just for fear of the price increase.
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  10. Maybe you got the caviar version thats so annoying on the chains, but the lambskin has no noise at all I believe.
  11. I believe buying a Chanel bag should be something you feel very passionate about otherwise you'll have regrets...I don't buy a bag unless I feel as though I can't live without it and that has served me well. They are very expensive and their costs should be something to consider but don't let the price stop you from enjoying your bag after you buy because if you do you will have really wasted money. Good luck making your decision :smile:
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  12. I too have loved everything Chanel since I was a teen and started reading Vouge. As I was building my career I never once thought of purchasing anything Chanel. Then one day I realized that I was at that point in my life that I could buy whatever I wanted within reason. The heart wants what the heart want and everyone's handbag/Fashion journey is different. So yes I do think it is worth it (for me). If you do take the plunge and invest in a bag have fun with it and do not let anyone steal your thunder.
  13. The jumbo and one of the woc was caviar, m/l and the others were lambskin. The chain still made a noise every time I put it down or adjust. At first it didn't bother me or I would try to overlook it. After a while, I decided that I don't like. I don't like attention my way because of the noise my bags or shoes makes. Even my kids make fun of me because of the noise.
    It's a catch 22. I still want a reissue but this pet peeve of mine is holding me back. Maybe I will change but I'll wait until then before I buy a bag with chain strap. Price increases are annoying as he!! too.
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  14. I know right!! It's like they're preventing others from purchasing a bag. Hahaha! It's so ridiculous!!
  15. i don't have a quilted double flap so i don't know if that is normal , hopefully someone else can advise you