What makes an LV "Classic" ?

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  1. I know the Speedy is the most talked about "classic" lv bag, and I used to think it's because it has been around for so long. But I also see people calling the Neverfull a classic as well and I know it came out not too long ago. What makes an lv a classic piece? :shrugs:
  2. To me, a classic LV bag is a bag that I will still be able to use 10 years from now without thinking that it's outdated. Something that is neutral, classy, and can stay with me after many years.
  3. If Audrey Hepburn can wear it and then I can wear it and still look fab, it's a classic!!! :smile:
  4. ^Another vote for Audrey Hepburn!!!^ :tup:

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  5. ^^Exactly.
  6. ^^^I echo this.

    Also, I think items that are not overly 'style' or 'time' specific. Take the Theda, for example. Many argue that all LV's are classic, but for many, that bag is such a 'specific' style that it can look dated to wear it now.
  7. ^Yeah, ewwww, I don't like the Theda^ :nogood: I am just glad the Speedy is a classic. It does have nice clean lines. I just wish that the handles were a little longer so they can easily fit through the wrists--especially while wearing a winter coat. Maybe that's why I got into the Batignolles line.