What makes a Tokidoki special?

  1. :confused1: I am just wondering. What makes a Tokidoki special? I am not looking for sentimental value. But what makes it special or different from other bags. ARe they limited supplied? Other than the different pattern placements. What makes it special? Are they rare or are they hard to come across? Is it worth spending hundreds of dollars collecting them?

    Sorry, sort of new to tokidoki. Are they rare after the colllaboration is done?
  2. They are special to me because I love the art. They are cool & cute and I love 'em.
  3. I love em because they're super cute. lol. You could say that they're gonna be "rare" after the collab ends. I think.. eBay prices are gonna go through the roof.
  4. i love my bags because they are sooo cute:girlsigh:, although they are a bit pricy, i think its totally worth it....
    and after the collab ends sellers on eBay will be upping their prices ridiculously!
  5. I have to say "pricey" is definitely a relative term. Are they pricey compared to Nine West or Liz Claiborne bags, or $9.99 bags from Ross? Definitely. But compared to Coach, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Balenciaga, etc etc etc - no comparison. Makes our Tokis seem dirt cheap. There is a bag for every price point...and Toki is definitely NOT at the high end of the scale.

    They are special to me because they're cute, functional, relatively inexpensive, and they DON'T look like the bag everyone else is carrying. They also make me smile, which is priceless.

  6. for me, the most special about tokidoki is the design - the cuteness, uniqueness that none other bags have. It is kind of pricy but we're paying for simone's artwork =). So its like a bag and artwork combined.

    The concept of print placement is special for me too because each person has different favorite characters that they want in their bags, making our own is one of a kind even though other people have the same print/style, but the placement making the bags looks different.
  7. What makes them special for me is that they stand out so much. Where I live, most girls carry Coach and LV (usually fakes), I haven't seen many tokis here, so I feel special carrying a bag that not everyone else has!
  8. now now... TOKI... or 300+ for a burberry wallet? (YES JUST THE WALLET >_> and no its not even a full sized one)

    i like tokidoki because not many people have it :smile: i like things that are different and unique~ if i wanted to wear stuff everybody wears id go get me some LV, Chanel, D&B bags... D: they are so common i swear everyday i see at least 2 dozen people with it...

    OH... and its cute!
  9. I like them for the fact that they so many cute styles. And the fabric is just so durable! Every bag I've own have fallen apart or the color faded. Toki bags seem to last forever!
  10. i LOVE the little critters he draws and theyre the most colorful, enjoyable, and entertaining bags out there in my opinion!!!
  11. i think of Tokidoki as artwork & collect it because of that. i think everyone can find something in tokidoki to appreciate, if they really look past the obvious cute factor.
  12. I love the artwork and I love being unique. I use Campeggios as diaper bags and all the other mothers I know all carry basically the same diaper bags (Skip Hop, Fleurville and Petunia Pickle Bottom) so I love carrying something totally different and IMO cuter. :p
  13. i love the characters on tokidoki and how each print is a special theme. it IS rather expensive for such a casual bags but not to the point that it's ridiculously expensive...and it's not something that everyone is carrying. and when I see someone carrying a toki, ive never met anyone that carries the exact same toki as the one i have so far...
    and i love mine because simone drew some characters that i asked for inside :graucho:
  14. i can't agree enough with this statement. EVERYTIME i look at my tokidoki purses i smile. functional & relatively inexpensive? yes and yes! :tup: