What makes a thread interesting?


What draws your attention to a particular thread?

  1. The title ("Hmm...sounds like an interesting topic")

  2. The original poster ("X starts good threads, let's take a look")

  3. A very rapidly growing thread ("That thread GREW. It must be trolls")

  4. None of the above

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Serves me right if this thread gets lost with no replies :p, but what makes a thread interesting to you? What makes you want to click on a thread and read it? What makes you want to reply?
  2. I voted for the 'rapidly growing thread'. Actually I'm the only one who voted so far. :amuse: It depends though..I would say it is usually the title or the amount of posts. Sometimes it is the poster. There are a few tPF-ers I know who post really great threads.
  3. Shoot...is there an "all of the above" option? LOL Merika. I guess I'm going to vote for popularity. But it would be closely followed by title and then OP.
  4. I would say it is all of the above.
  5. A combination of #1 ands #3
  6. I voted none of the above. I was going to vote the title of the thread, but a lot of the time the content of the thread isn't as intersting as the thread. I don't open a thread/choose to or not to read based on who posted. Also a rapidly growing thread doesn't always mean its an intersting thread for everyone. A lot of times the thread gets off topic and becomes about inside jokes shared by only a few people and I don't understand and don't want to go back 40 pages to know what they are talking about. So to me an intersting thread comes from great insight and humor from all the great members on this forum.
  7. I read the title and if it's interesting, then I open it ... but overall, it has to be the content that makes it interesting for me.
  8. One and three.
  9. All of the above. What makes me open a particular thread is any number of factors: Who opened it, the title, whether or not it's a thread I have been following . . .
  10. For me it is title, pics (when applicable) and topic.

    When they grow and grow, I tend to get lost!!!
  11. It is usually a combination of 1 and 2 for me.
  12. If the title doesn't interest me, I don't read the thread. Sometimes the title has nothing to do with the thread (go figure?, but it's true). If I see a really long thread, I don't like to come in after several pages because it takes too long to catch up. However, I may speed read some of it and see if it is time-worthy. Cute poll, BTW. ;)
  13. I will usually post if it's interesting but Ive never really even have looked at the OP. I dont care who starts it, as long as it's good conversation!:tup:
  14. I look for rapidly growing threads. If everyone's posting, I wanna see what's so interesting.
  15. I voted for the title one. Mmm.. actually I noticed that nowadays I just open all the threads into separate tabs~ LOL