What Makes A Guy Creepy to you?

  1. For me it is a feeling I find inexplicable; I can just pick up a vibe from someone most of the time.

    Sometimes it's when they stare at you for too long at a bar, even when we've already smiled at you. Then following you around.

    What Makes A Guy Creepy to you?
  2. Someone who goes around pretending to be a female. Someone who can't stop discussing women's sexual areas or using business/index cards for outrageous reasons. In other words, trolls.
  3. Men that are very...manly? The men that are so stereotypically man like that they don't show much emotion, are beefy, really gung-ho about being a real man...that kind of guy really creeps me out, call me crazy. Wouldn't date them if they were the last ones on earth!
  4. Overt staring is very creepy. So are the ones who drink waaaayyyyy too much.
  5. Oh yeah, one more. They have to answer "yes" to the following three questions:

    Do you have a car?

    Do you have your own apartment?

    Do you have a bank account?

    Creepy is living with parents, no job, and getting a ride to anywhere, because you have no car.
  6. There is an exception to that question if the guy lives in the metrolpolis of NYC, Boston or Chicago, he would have no need for a car. However, an apartment and a large bank account would be in toe instead. :p

    A creepy guy to me means a guy who will openly talk about his sex life or the woman he slept with the night before to you at a bar.
  7. What makes a guy creepy to me?

    Being unkempt. A general untidy appearance. Body odors, dirt under fingernails, worn-over shoes, bad breath. Men who need severe, visible dental work. Being slovenly. Wearing dirty clothes. Did I mention body odors?

    When I was younger (early twenties), much older men who tried to talk to me would creep me out. Still today, if I see TOO great an age difference between a man and a woman (say, twenty years or more) I think that's creepy.

    Also men who appear interested in me when I have no interest in them kind of creep me out, no matter how they look or smell. Unwanted attention always creeps me out!
  8. To me, that's not as much creepy as it is lazy.
  9. If they stare at you
    If they have 'a reputation' (ugh)
    If they give any signals that they think they're the shizz (this is really subjective because it comes down to how they hold themselves and body language)

    There are others, but these are the ones I notice right away.
  10. You can tell creepiness by their eyes. I call it "The Serial Killer Stare".

    Men who are cruel to animals are creepy to me too. If a guy doesn't like my dogs, I won't consider them.

    I don't like when a guy who I first meet touches me too much either. A touchy-feely guy is creepy to me.

    Men who talk to themselves. I met a guy once who would whisper to himself before he'd say what he was going to say. VERY strange.:wtf:
  11. ITA:tdown:
  12. I totally think it's in the "vibes" as someone mentioned above. Sometimes I will see a guy with all the outward appearance of what some may consider "creepy" but I don't feel scared/grossed out by them. Other times, a perfectly normal looking guy will approach me or be near me and the hairs will go up!
  13. Snobbery, bigotry, shallowness, greed, not necessarily in that order.
  14. Snobbery, greed etc make me dislike a guy - I wouldn't necessarily find him creepy.

    Creepy are the guys you wouldn't want to escort you home on a dark night. For that I strictly trust my gut instinct. "Vibes" I guess!
  15. An unshaven guy who has his underwear showing. And baseball caps on backwards??? That's been going on for 15 years already.