what makes a good actress/actor??

  1. I have been thinking lately of what makes a good actress/actor. Because it seems every book series i get into, they end up making into a movie. like when i was younger i hated reading but then i got intrested in the traveling pants series, and they made that into a movie and i hated it, becasue there was stuff different from the book. lol. i know they cant put everything in a movie, but i was still mad. and then like last year i began the shopaholics series and found out their making that into a movie, and now twilight. but somehow that got me thinking about what makes a good actor/actress. i was wondering what others though... i was thinking maybe like if they can get you into the movie and you thinking they were really that character instead of a actor playing the part, but idk. what do you think???
  2. I think an actor is doing a good job when I forget that they're playing the part and start to believe that they really are that character. I feel like some actors are always doing different versions of the same character, because they're not capable of doing anything else. Even if I like the movie overall, I get really irritated by this. I'd put most comedians into this category (Mike Meyers, Jim Carrey) and a lot of the young "it girls" who always look/talk/sound the same way no matter what part they're playing...
  3. I disagree about Mike Meyers and Jim Carrey(who has done drama&been quite good--I don't find him funny in comedies), but I do agree that there are a lot of actors that are the same role in every film. Jennifer Aniston is guilty of this, but she's always in romantic comedies. Her ex Vince Vaughn is another, but he's in the same movie every time as well. I could name tons more. This may not be completely the actors' fault; There may just be too many movies that are all the same.
    Regarding books-turned-movies, that has to do with the script writer, the director and a whole lot of other factors than just the actors, though. Stardust was a good movie-to-film translation, IMO. Most others I've seen have been miserable failures. :shrugs:
  4. When they can actually act!
  5. I think the way the actor/actress manages their personal life has a lot to do with it as well. I know it's not really fair to judge them on that. But whenever I see a Lindsay Lohan movie for example, I can't help but just think about her as Lindsay Lohan, the rehab attendee rather than whatever character she is playing.

    However I find other actors, like Johnny Depp, completely believable and engrossing. I think when they manage to maintain an air of mystery about their real lives, it is easier to get involved in their character.

    Of course talent is must though

  6. same here :smile: