What Makes A Designer Handbag Designer?

  1. Do you consider Kate Spade designer?
  2. I do, but low end designer.
  3. Absolutely. Great designs, reasonably priced.
  4. I have two totes by Kate Spade.
  5. absolutely..love her styles!! one of my favorites!
  6. i've honestly never seen a bag of hers that i liked. low-end designer. a notch below coach, imo. i just don't like the bags.
  7. Yes, lower end designer. Not as low as bridge imo. Very reasonable! :smile:
  8. Not high end but yes, designer.
  9. Yes they are definately designer....just because they dont cost an arm and a leg doesn't mean they aren't great bags!
  10. Kate Spade is designer, but too hit and miss. I have a couple KS bags that I love, but I RARELY see anything lately from there that I like at all.
  11. I have never seen her bags in real life, but do consider her a designer. I read an article about her a her husband and how they started their business. It really made me like her as a person.
  12. Yes. She's a designer. She created her line on her own, chose fabrics, etc.
  13. I am a huge Kate Spade fan so yes! I would say higher than Coach but not up with LV, Gucci, Dior, MJ. Maybe comparable with Burberry in my mind. I mostly prefer her vintage stuff though!
  14. Really? I think she's a notch above Coach. I guess we can't be friends anymore, Amanda.
  15. I think she's a low end designer. Higher than Coach....
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