What makes a boy bag ...

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  1. a boy? Does it have a ... well ... you know.

    Can it mate with other bags and make baby Chanels? :nuts: Hmmmm. :thinking:
  2. #2 Mar 21, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2014
    Yes, dear it does. Let me show it to you. If you're not over the age of 18, please avert your eyes. :sneaky:
    My new patent metallic is seasonal so I'm pretty sure it won't be able to reproduce after this season but I think this one can....black lambskin, permanent collection? :woot:
    Here it is....

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  3. Cyndee.... you are soooooo naughty :P
  4. Hahahhahahhahhah this is funnier than the "I'm sorry..." thread!!!
  5. My poor innocent eyes! Oh the burning!
  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Totally make sense.
    I learn so much from this forum!
    Thanks girls! :smile:
  7. :graucho:

  8. Looks kinda ... small.
  9. LMAO! Best thread ever.
  10. Lmao!!!! I love other Chanel lovers. Super funny ppl!
  11. Just brilliant! I've been in fits of laughter for 10 mins!
  12. :lolots:sitting here at a starbucks, working on my laptop...desperately trying to finish a proposal by my deadline...and I see this thread and think to myself...WHATS THIS?

    ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS, I LOVE your creativity and the way you think!

    this even PurseBop had not thought of....
  13. ooh, you Ladies crack me up... Sitting here and laughing my a** off... :roflmfao::roflmfao::lolots::lol:
  14. +1
    Great way to make my friday afternoon go faster... 2 more hours and I'm done for the week. (PST zone)
  15. Chanel Ladies are the best!! Hilarious!!