What make up bag would you prefer?

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  1. B3BDB60B-4424-47DA-ABAD-04F079103512.jpeg FC908199-9529-4E25-9A7F-EDD4B37BF2FD.jpeg I’m deciding between the LV or YSL cosmetic case to fit in my everyday bags. Which do you like better?
    The LV is already delivered waiting on the YSL, which should be today or by Wednesday. Does anyone own the YSL cosmetic bag? Does it fit a lot?
  2. The LV one would be more durable in the long run because it’s canvas. The YSL is too pretty to be a make up bag lol.
  3. The YSL came today and noticed it fit way more than the LV. It is pretty too and can tell the leather is delicate since it’s so soft. I love them both. My bf said I can keep both since I liked both:smile: I’ll just use the LV in mini bags so the leather of the YSL doesn’t get scratched in tighter areas from the zipper opening of bags.
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  4. although... I'm a big fan of LV but in this situation I'd choose YSL, I think it looks prettier
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