What make Bbags so different? Let's convince me !

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  1. Hello
    Tell me what make Bbags so different than for instance a LV, Hermès, Dior bag? The leather and its use, for sure and then... Try to persuade me to buy a Balenciaga one... The assets !
    To make clear: I'm a man...:yes:


    Ps: Sorry about my English
  2. I never disparage a brand to promote another (cus I adore Dior and LV) but right now my ultimate adoration is for Balenciaga so this one time I will! :lol:

    1) it's lightweight. Super much so!
    2) Bbag sells manly styles without slapping obvious logos on the bag. There isn't any designer initial hardware either. It'll be subtle chic. Their are models that are clearly unisex and very versatile
    3) Color variation. While lots of people own bbags you can make it your own style by choosing the perfect color for you. Certain designers will only make men's bags in a couple of colors (black, logo'd, brown or tan).
    5) Leather variations. Yes, we all know that bbags have great leather. But no 1 bag leather is the same! A lot of designers (LV, Dior, etc) have cookie cutter precision when producing their bags.
  3. This is the first time I hear of someone needing to be convinced to buy a bbag! LOL
    OMG!! We are always dying for the next bbag! That should be enough.

    Buy one. The bag will do the convincing.haha

    good luck!!!
  4. read the entire bbag subforum...u'll be convinced alright :smile:
  5. Hi Viktor. I used to not think highly of Balenciaga, but that was until I laid eyes (and my hands) on the Extra Courier in black. The leather is luscious, supple, soft, strong and gorgeous. Also, since I've got my Extra Courier, I haven't been able to put it down!
  6. In addition to the above mentioned reasons, one of my favorite things about B-bags is they don't scream logo/brand. I am not one to wear or carry something with a brand name. Also, I think if you are thinking Hermes, you are at a completely different pricepoint. I personally wouldn't invest $7k or more in one bag. I can have 6 B-bags for that money.
  7. Hi Victor,

    Here's what I've grown to love about Bbags (yes, I wasn't that impressed the first time I saw one close up):

    1. They are much lighter than many other high-end bags.
    2. I really like having a pocket on the outside of a bag for easy access to keys and cell phone. The design of the bags (I'm loyal to my City style, but also have a flat messenger which I LOVE) is actually quite practical. My City bags are great for work; if I have to attend meetings I can fit notepad/files in nicely, and it looks so much more stylish than a stuffy old briefcase. :P
    3. The motorcycle styles aren't stiff or bulky; they are comfortable to wear/carry.
    4. The leather, the leather, the leather!!!
    5. They don't have logos or scream "Designer!" They're not too "bling-y" /flashy
    6. The bag colors are varied yet each is so unique. You can either go dramatic (vermillion) or understated (café).
    Like I said, I had to be convinced too. I got pulled in by the color, and the rest followed.
  8. Aside from the abovementioned reasons, one thing that I also like about balenciaga is the price. For the quality of leather, the longevity of design and its versatility, the price is of bbags is reasonable than other brands.