What magazines do you subscribe to?

  1. I haven't been subscribing for some time now...but I'm trying to get back into the loop. Last night I stood at the mag stand at Barnes and...sheeeesh! So many new mags out...some I've never even heard of!

    Basically, I'm trying to stay away from the mags that are all ads...I want some substance! I'm 25 and the main areas of concern....FASHION, but real fashion..and not just the exotic fashion that models strut on the runway. I need real life...real clothes fashion advice. hmmm other areas can be home decor...or just a good mag that can help train me with good home decor and cooking advice.

    oh oh oh...and maybe a good Wedding mag too!~ hahha

    Wow...I'm starting to grow up...no more teeni bopper mags for me! hahaha

  2. Smithsonian, National Geographic, Diversion, Sunset, and Texas Highways
  3. InStyle and Allure are really good!
  4. I subscribe to Us Mag, and just recently Vogue and InStyle (although I haven't received either yet...) Still waiting...:whistle:
  5. Elle, Vogue, Red and Glamour :smile:

    I love it when Vogue drops through the door ;)
  6. Too many for me to read!! :lol:

    I subscribe to: W (my favorite!!!!), Vogue, Teen Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Racing Milestones (Gotta get my nascar fix!), Motor Trend, and Lucky.

    But each monthh I also pick up (I need to order the subscriptions): InStyle, Shop Etc, Cosmo, Martha Stewart Living, and Elle Decor.

    I swear I have a magazine addiction!! Anytime I go to the store I always seem to pick up at least one or two magazines.
  7. Cosmo and Redbook. I also subscribed to Elle but never got that in the mail :confused1:
  8. I subscribe to:
    Us Weekly
    Martha Stewart Weddings
  9. In Style & Vegetarian Times. I haven't found any other mags that are worth it, since 2/3 of the pages are usually ads.
  10. Gourmet
    National Geographic (haven't seen one in a while though - I think I'm getting ripped off!)
    Atomic Ranch
    Nest (until they went under!)

    need to renew:
    Vanity Fair
  11. -Vogue
    -Vanity Fair
    -Teen Vogue
  12. Glamour & Cosmo
  13. Harper's Bazzar
    Shop, Etc.
  14. OK - magazines are my guilty pleasure. I subscribe to way too many:yes:

    Harper's Bazaar
    InStyle (my favorite!)
    Consumer Reports
    MPLS/St. Paul
    US Weekly :shame:
  15. a hundred magazines.

    GQ, Details, Men's Fitness, Men's Health, US News & Report, Car & Driver, Road & Track, Motor Trend, Domino, Architectural Digest, Coastal Living, [2], Freshmen, Instinct, Out, Genre and I get Wired because Cargo was cancelled.

    that's.. 17 mags. lol. and the last 5 ([2] to Genre) are all gay magazines.. you ladies are "allowed" to read Genre, Out and perhaps Instinct. but the others are pretty graphic, if you know what I mean... hahahahha.

    oh, and I pick this one up monthly: DNA. it's an austrailian gay magazine.. but if i subbed to it, it's bout $100 and I don't know if I want to spend that much.. though it would save me some money in the long run, considering they're about $10 each. lol.