What made you the...

  1. LV nut you are now?

    My story: Falling in love with Monogram Canvas when I first saw it. I started saving all LV pics [from display/store pics and celebs/vip and thier lv's] that I saw online. From there I would stay up almost every night until I was at the verge of falling asleep looking at pictures of LV and paying close attention to every detail [canvas, fonts, stitching, leather, interiors, shape of bags, date codes, handle lenghts, dust bags, different care booklets, hardware, prices, launch dates, and year they were discontinued].

    What's your story? :nuts:
  2. tPF! Before i join tPF there's onlyl few LV in my life which i thought was enough-Sonatine, Mandrian Jasmin, Marsh. Lexington and Panda pochette. But things changed as soon as i join tPF, with all the visuals, collection post, and LEs...i just can't help myself but to dive in LV world!
  3. I had a keepall in high school, that ironically I didn't love at the time....I considered LV kinda 'old'....but that thing was amazingly sturdy....but still I thought of KV as an old brand....until the cherry blossoms! Oh, I was in love....but too late then to get anything...then the MC came out. I got the speedy and Alma....the rest as they say is history :smile:
  4. ok here is my story. Hubby and I have been together for 7 years, married for 6 years. So for the longest time I had been a Dooney & Coach lover. I had always lusted over getting a LV but knew it was way out of our budget. SO for years and years I would joke around about buying one. Hubby always gave me the same response "the day you own a LV is the day we get divorced! I refuse to pay for a purse that isn't even real leather!!". So in August of 06 we went to Vegas for my bday with another couple. Me and my friend were in the LV in the Forum shops forever just drooling over all the stuff. We left and went to walk around. Then all of a sudden DH says he has to go to the restroom and takes off. We sit on a bench (in front of Marciano) and wait. About 20 mins later he emerges carrying.....................you guessed it, a brown paper bag! DH had bought me the Sonatine and a matching wallet (can't remember which one but it was small). I nearly died!! SEE PIC BELOW (check out that HUGE smile)!!
    So my response upon opening the box was "so does this mean you are asking me for a divorce??" Well obviously that's a no cuz we just celebrated our anniversaries. But let me tell you, once you go LV, you never go back (to Coach & Dooney that is)!! Oh and I felt the Sonatine and wallet were wayyy tooo small for me so I went and exchanged them for the Coussin and French Purse wallet which is now in my sig pic!
    Oh and by the way, my friend does not own an LV, her hubby will NOT buy her one either but she totally cried (tears and all) when I got mine. I didn't even cry!

    Oh and now thanks to joining this forum it has made me even more obsessed with LV than before!! DH thinks I am NUTS!!
  5. My mom did lol..she had LV before but I was never really interested. Then my parents got me the monogram pochette for Valentine's Day in 2003 and that started it..then for my graduation a couple months later, they got me the Fuchsia Vernis Lexington and for Christmas that same year, they got me the brown/pink CB pochette.
    When the multicolore line came out, that pushed me over the edge lol.
  6. I've had a Vogue subscription forever and I saw the MC Alma featured as the Springs "IT" bag years ago. I still remember the line read, "This Spring's IT bag, baby!" I fell in LOVE! I didn't have the money then but when I did I had my DH who was my BF at the time drive me to the LV store in Santa Clara and I bought my very first bag (MC Pochette). The rest is history.
  7. well, for me i buy lots of bags during school time just any other young girls, just about mid year uni, my mom started by asking me not to buy so many bags, instead buy one high end bag for school or outing, just one, but the best one, my mom said lv ... then i started to browse net whats lv, even i know my uni gfs have some already, but never thought to have it my own, then my dad and i went to lv the rocks, got my first spring street in red, from there came damier sauvage, mono mini juliette ... etc etc, its seems non-stop ... i bought more as i was fully employed ... hahahaha, now my mom was like who ask u to buy that many?????????? but in between she still buy me lvs as well ... she knows lv the best, but we do allow variety in between
  8. The monogram canvas really is eye catching to me. I just think it's classic and beautiful. Over the years I have purchased many other designers and have come to realize that the craftmanship of LV far succeeds any other. I appreciate a well made bag and I have used enough to know a lot of others are very cheaply made. I absolutely love LV.
  9. Mine started when a lady at work came back from a trip with a White MC Speedy. I drooled and drooled everytime I saw it. But alas....hubby & were just starting out and couldn't afford it.
    Then I was surfing eBay one day and my lust started...and I blame it all on hubby because he was so into video games (still is) that I said I needed a hobby because of him LOL
    The official obsession started in April of '06 and is neverending!
  10. Last year I started working in an area where more people carried LVs. I loved the look of the mono canvas and noticed them more and more.
    In Feb. 06 I bought my first (bh), and began to appreciate the quality--I especially loved that the bags were so lightweight.
    I'm still loving my first, plus the many others that I have bought since...
  11. hmmmm...... my mom....my dad and i got her a speedy 25 for their annivarsery, and from then, i loved lv...when i got older , i lost my spunk for it, but since the pf, i have "buying" issues...hahaha!!! LOL!
  12. Loving the Balenciaga got me into purses. I saw it on the olsen twins, that seafoam fist :heart:, and wanted one. I joined purse communities on livejournal, where I saw the speedy 25. I had seen LV before, my grandma had some. but I never really thought much about them until that speedy 25. I knew I had to get one, which I did, then sold later. I joined a different forum dedicated to authentic LV before tPF, where I found out how to tell real from fake LV.

    Now I'm a maniac ;)

    Edit: oooh forgot to add, back in high school I saw a girl carrying a mini sac hl in monogram and thought it was the cutest thing. this was around the same time as seeing the speedy 25. I know now she had a fake one, but the mini sac kinda pushed me over the edge i love lol
  13. I saw Damier Azur on the internet and I loved it immediately (I didn't like LV at all before I saw Azur), so I started to pay attention to LV. I love designer's bags, but I can't afford everything that I love. The only way is to search and watch them on line (so I found tPF) or magazine. I still like other designers, but you guys here really make me LOVE LV more.....I guess the main influence is still tPF LV forum. :yes:
  14. About 5 years ago when I was in high school I had a friend in her early 20's who was a stylish logo-whore ;) and told me about the fashion and the world of designer handbags. I was pretty much appalled at the prices after she bought and showed me LV and Burberry bags. I used to look at the LV website to see what they had but didn't itch for anything, just thought the satin line and Sonatine were cute.

    5 years later, I was on a trip in Banff and stopped inside the LV store for the heck of it (we wanted to go into virtually every store in Banff on the main street) even though I didn't really care for LV. That's when I saw the Cruise Globe Shoppers and Trapeze bags and fell in love! I grabbed a picture book to keep and ended looking at it everyday until the trip was over! After that trip, about half a year later, I finally got my very first LV piece--the perfo compact wallet.

    Then I discovered tPF!! I was completely hooked. Not only that, my new infatuation with LV has seemed to influence everyone around me, even my designer-hating friends. :p
  15. My grandmother gave me my first LV at 16, a monogram mini HL. I've just consistently added to the collection. This board is also spurring new lemmings!