What made U fall in love with Hermès?

  1. I know everybody here :heart: Hermès - but I'd like to know why. And what made you fall in love with Hermès.

    I first fell in love with LV and I started noticing LVbags on TV shows and in films.

    Then I started getting interested in other designer bags. Starting with Christian Dior.
    Then I saw the episode on Sex and the City where Sam buys a red Birkin bag - which Lucy Lui ends up getting :crybaby: I just loved it! It was so classic!
    I never new that much about the bag - didn't even know what Hermès was.
    I google'd "birkin bag" a little while ago and found so many pics of Victoria Beckham with Hermès birkin bags. Thats when I really fell hard!! :graucho:
    I just bought my first Hermès scarf and of course I :heart::heart: it!!

    Theres no turning back now :love:
  2. It started with a Birkin or a Kelly, I can´t remember that far. What made me love H last year was studying it; the leathers, the colours the styles, the history. I love everything.
  3. I was fed up with the crap that LV was feeding me (please don't get offended anyone) i still love LV, but their quality and service these days is completely shocking. I wanted to go straight to the top. I have always liked H but could never afford nor justify it. I instantly fell in love when i walked into the store, the service was so fabulous. and the SA acctually do care about the product. the rest is history.
  4. It started reading about the Birkin....and then finding out about the history of the brand. :smile:
  5. Horses. I used to ride and my love affair spans more than 10 years ago, then all my H purchases were horse and riding related.
  6. It's timeless and classy/classic. Oh yes, and the horsies too;). I love the simplicity and sheer elegance of their designs. I have yet to see this in another manufacturer.
  7. I fell in love in Hermes not just because of the Birkin or Kelly. It's because of the history, craftsmanship, style, leather and quality. Each of the bags Hermes made has its own story. So, this makes every bag special.

    Hermes bags don't scream outloud like other brands with all those logos. One look at the bag, people will know that it's a fine handbag. KWIM?
  8. :tup: You are so right!

    I used to have a horse too but I never heard about Hermès - maybee I live in the wrong country ;) :p
  9. I guess I just reached an age when the "IT" bag phenonmenon was just over, over, over. I was done with it. I wanted something substantial, classic, timeless, and impeccable.

    After my first visit to Hermes, I was VERY intrigued. After my first Hermes leather bag, I was hooked.

    There really is no comparison. Nothing even comes close, IMO.
  10. The Kelly was my first love and still my only love.
    It's the only Hermes bag I really love and the only kind I use, but I have since come to appreciate other things by Hermes. The leather is smells so lovely. So now I love all things Hermes that are made of leather.
  11. I love Hermes because of their quality and design. Birkin, kelly, constance will always be classic bags and my forever bags as well. :heart::heart:
  12. Substantial. That's it. Hermes is substantial. That's the word I've been looking for!
  13. i am a big fan of the 40's and 50's style wise............I saw some black and white photos of Grace Kelly and others. Was intrigued. Went to Hermes and have never turned back.
  14. 1975 Christmas. I had to replace my jumping saddle, a close contact Crosby (250$) and the 'it' saddle at the time for jumping was a Hermes. When we went to the saddlery I didn't ask about them because I knew the price was so high. Christmas morning my saddle was under the tree and I assumed it was another Crosby. I said 'Thank you so much!' and my Mom said 'You better look closer' and it was a Hermes! To this day it is one of the most special memories I have.:heart: Financially my mother stretched to get that saddle. Through the years I have donated more of my used saddles than I can remember, but I will always keep that one. My mother thinks it cost 990$ I thought 1250$ We bought it at at Al Gordon's Paddock shop if any older horsey people from So. CA remember the store.
  15. Horses for me too....I'm still coveting a close-contact saddle! But I love the simple architecture of Hermes designs. Also, I love the old-fashioned sporting life Hermes implies-the Lineres (SP?) scarves, etc!