what Macy's carries LV

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  1. thanks;)
  2. I know for sure that the one in NY does..Herald Square, I think?
    That's the only one I really know of.
  3. ^^^ Yea, Macy's Herald Square has an LV boutique; I bought my first bag from there.
  4. Also, the Macy's at Oak Brook Center - outside Chicago. There is Macy's there too!
  5. thank you!
  6. Ohhhh I have been to Oakbrook before. Love the shopping in Chicago. Ok sorry....got off track....I saw "Oakbrook" and got excited.
  7. Macy's in NYC -Herald Square
    Macy's on Long Island - Roosevelt Field (Garden City)

  8. Yea, Oak Brook is my FAVORITE place to shop!! Nothing like an outdoor mall in the winter -HA! HA! No, actually it is my favorite!!!

    ..Yea, can't go wrong w/shopping on Michigan Ave. either! HA!HA!
  9. Any Macys Is The Dallas Burbs Carry Lv?
  10. Nope. I did a print screen from the site to show which places sell LV in Dallas. ;)

  11. Macy's in Garden City in Roosevelt field mall has louis vuitton.
  12. all i know they dont have any macys that sell lv around us in va....
  13. ooo, northpark isn't far from where i work, thanks john. i know where i'm going on my lunch hour!
  14. You're welcome!!! I hope you come outta LV with some goodies!!! :graucho:
  15. Macy's in Minneapolis (formerly Marshall Field's) carries LV.