What LV would you take to an opera/ballet performance?

  1. In my thread about the suitable occasions for wearing a Wapity edsbgrl mentioned that it's perhaps not the best bag for the Opera ;)

    Which LV bag would be suitable for taking to an oper/ballet performance?

    I'm planning to visit LV today, and among other things I'll be looking for a new evening bag for "Hamlet" Ballet first night at the Bolshoi after the New Year.

    Thank you for your opinions!
  2. I have Mono Vernis Spring Street and Damier Sauvage Impala for night bags ... or if not I just use my Mandarin Epi pochette or long wallet from Mono Vernis. Anything mini simple and elegant. I love colours and outstanding small goodies.
  3. among them, epi pochette, mono vernis long wallet, theda, speedy, MC mono evening bags, square lv box bag (anyone noe what's it called?), a lot of other evening lv bags.
  4. Damier ribera mini would be cute for a night out like this.
  5. the box one is the vernis bleaker box~
  6. Thanks! Isn't Mandarin Epi a bit too colorful? Does it suit many outfits?

    What colors of Vernis do you use for evenings out?
  7. Bags I would take:
  8. Yes!!! Thanks for the suggestion. I just love Ribera Mini, it's sooooooooo cuuuuuuute!!! I was considering buying it last time,but ended up with a Damier Papillon instead :shame:
  9. Isn't Speedy a bit too big?

    Also, can Papillon be an evening bag?
  10. I love red and mandarin ... just imagine that u in dark colour outfit which most people have for the show, with more colourful mini bags, at least u do not anymore jewelerry to spice u up more ... either one ...

    For me, red and mandarin which lv have now just goes with everything ... so far, I havent got any wrong match commands ...

    You can go pink as well, but its a bit young ...
  11. I dunno, I just have a feeling that mandarin wouldn't suit anything, but when you mentioned jewelry I thought it must be soooo good together with all the yellow gold jewelry! Thanks!

    Red would be super-nice, btw!

    I just love pink! I'm youngish looking so I often wear pink in clothes and accessories. Are there any epi bags in pink? Or only Vernis?
  12. I would say something in suhali....
  13. Only pink in vernis now ... :graucho: I didnt mean that pink is not the rite colour, but it will be slightly harder to mix match.

    Hmm ... do u have any particular bag on ur mind?
  14. i took my mini pochette to a theatre show- it worked out great! (and it got a compliment at dinner!)
  15. Papillon yes, I did carry my Speedy to Opera House for ballet show. And its red! Haha, it works fine. I think for performance or ballet show, its rather ok to bring any size of bags. Its not like kinda romantic dinner bag. Even so, sometimes we all did take our Speedy with our bfs or hubbies I guess. I was once in wedding and I brought my giant Boston Bag (off topic brand ... oops) ... I look either like an outsider or standout? Hmm ... I think I look great!!! Hohoho ... I find it funny when carry small bags on myself, so it really depends on how u look, it doesnt mean small bags always work well