What LV to wear with Black

  1. Hi Ladies...I am not really into LV shoulder bags because I find them a bit stiff...however, I like the Speedy...I have Azur, Damier, & Mono...I am thinking about getting the Mini Lin...however I don't know if any of them goes with black. I've seen the Epi and MC in Black but I'm not that convinced...which bag (besides a totally black bag) do you think can go with black...I am usually a matching freak so I really need a bit of help in the contrast department. :p

  2. Check the posts from about a week ago and you will find the same question was asked (by me) and some wonderful and helpful responses were posted.
  3. mono is classic and will go with pretty much anything i think
  4. all of my bags are mono, so i say mono! i love how it looks against black!
  5. Mono, Damier, Vernis, Epi, etc. Pretty much every line looks good with black IMO.
  6. Absolutely...search on the other posts and know that mono goes fabulous with black!!
  7. i use my mc audra (def one of my favs of all time) and my black suhali l'aimable. otherwise i mix it up and use my miroir pochette with matching shoes or now my new sunset in amarante :smile:
  8. There was indeed already a thread about this, but the answer is Damier Ebene because the base canvas is already black.
  9. Miroir!!! :nuts:
  10. i think mono looks great with black!
  11. of course everything else works too but miroir looks so hot with black!! puhahaa
  12. anything suhali, epi
  13. I wear my mono speedy and neverfull with EVERYTHING. I wear a lot of black.
  14. I think Vernis bags looks great w/ black.
  15. For an evening dinner at a resturant....a monogram venis sunset boulevard in pearl or amarante is gorgeous.

    For daily purposes, a mongram venis especially in pomme is so hot and classy! :nuts: