What LV to get second?

Dec 6, 2009
advice please?!

I am a northeast yuppie, currently on leave of absence from work and hanging out with my boyfriend in Miami. I've got one pm croissant bag that I gifted myself when I got my first promotion (ok, it was right before I was promoted :graucho:). I'm thinking of getting a second one as a reward for starting a new job and getting a super duper GMAT score to which I've devoted four months of my life. :yahoo:

My considerations:
- i'm 5'2" and 105lbs. little girl. big personality. but, still do not want to be overwhelmed by the bag.

-all of the ones below are on my wish list, so I think I would probably get all at some point in time.

- I am 31, which I think is the perfect age to rock most bag styles and feel comfortable. My dress style is mixed. I have a lot of suits from my corporate days, adding more casual miami beachy clothes now, and a love of hippie from college days.

- I would probably purchase new since I want the 100% peace of mind that comes with buying at the boutique.

Please knowledgeable ladies, your thoughts on which one of the follow:

- Manhattan GM - I've heard about the weight and I know it's being discontinued. I've always loved this purse but had always thought 2K was a bit much for canvass. Also, I work with a lot of folks whose eyebrows would raise in a bad way if i brought her along so she would be a complete weekend bag. However, since she's being discontinued, I worry this is my last chance!

- Mono Noe (large) - I loved this when I was young and when I recently saw an elegant and obviously european woman (why are they all born so stylish?!) carrying her large Noe, it really got me thinking about this bag again. I love the Noe and would like to have her to carry my books in when i go off to business school. I think the manhattan could double as the same bookbag but Noe seems a bit lighter

- Azur Speedy 25/30 - I never thought much of the speedy but saw a girl rockin it at starbucks one day and man she really ROCKED it. The combo of azur and speedy was to die for! plus it's a lot cheaper than the others.

- Trevi PM - I like that it's a shoulder bag and a handbag. I find damier ebene very classy and to be something understated and elegant that would carry me across both corporate and cruise.


The Good Witch
Jun 15, 2010
Noe. Love the style. Love that it's a big and unique looking bag. But i'd suggest going to try them all on and see which suits you the best. Trevis and Manhattans are a little heavier than speedies and noes, but the noe is big. Like might swallow you big. Speedys are always nice. HTH.