What LV shoulder bag do you LOVE?

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  1. I've realized that I can't carry handbags as much as I'd like to. As far as shoulder bags, I have PH, PL, LH, damier papillon and my mom has a BH (and I don't want to be twins :yes: ). I'm not a fan of denim (though I have one), or mc. I like epi but I don't like any of their shoulder bags. I love suhali but I just bought a Chanel for 2K so I don't feel like spending too much.
  2. my shoulder bags are as follows....popincourt haute, Lockit Horizontal, tulum pm and the aureilla mm in black mc....no more handbags for me for some time and I own a speedy 30 for a handheld option.....five LV bags in total wowwy...four shoulder bags from LV because I love shoulder bags...also of the 3 mono shoulder bags the shapes and sizes are so completely different...LH is very roomy, PH is unique and cute and the tulum is a hobo style so it is okay to have different shoulder from the mono collection IMO if they are different sizes and shapes...PH can be dressy...tulum very casual and LH is a bag to carry everything and lots....go tulum pm it is darling and different from what you currently own...or daimer saleya
  3. Petit Noe and Noe are my favorite shoulder bags!:love:
  4. Batignolles Horizontal for sure!!
  5. Other than the BH, I like the Tulum. Either size.
  6. hudson pm
  7. Saleya...I think that style is classy and beautiful!!!
  8. what about a damier chelsea?
  9. pochette..hehe...
  10. I got one once, returned it the next day since it felt huge on me.
  11. So you go the tulum pm? I missed it! Did you post pics?
  12. I LOVE the Polly.
  13. i love my Batignolles Horizontal, Popincourt Haut, Klara, Josephine PM and L'Epanoui GM as shoulder bags
  14. I love the Petite Noe and the Noe and the Hudson..
  15. returned the epi soufflot for the tulum pm.....do you love your PL??