what lv purse & accessorie(s) are the best 'bang for the buck'

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  1. in your opinion?

    i would say speedy & mini pochette...
  2. Batignolles Line, Neverfull Line
  3. Off the top of my head it seems like rileygirl is right, the neverfull line is very reasonably priced, so I would have to go with that
  4. Mono/damier/epi speedy and cles for sure. My sister thought my damier speedy 25 was way more than what I paid for it. I guess that's part of the LV image.
  5. This bag for sure!!!!

  6. I would go with the Zippy Oragnizer, its like a wallet, purse, bag in one
  7. mono/damier/azur speedy 30, and batignolles horizontal/vertical.
  8. I think the speedy is a classic and a great bag! It fits everything and more!!!
  9. Speedy, Batignolles, Neverfull
  10. Good Question....I too want to know this.
  11. The scarves are quite reasonably priced, I find. The mini agendas aren't too bad either.
  12. I'd agree with others with the speedy and neverfulls. neverfulls cost about the same as a speedy and it's a shoulder bag. I think accessories would be a cles or mini/reg pochette.
  13. speedies, batignolles, papillon
  14. The regular pochette acessories, batignolles, and speedy.
  15. Definitely the speedies, especially when you go up larger in size and the batignolles. Also, the pochette accessories.

    Anything with a lot of vachetta, or hardware, there's additional value in that so there may not be as much bag.. same with materials (e.g. vernis items, MC items) and LE items, unfortunately.