What LV Messenger Bag would fit a 15.4 inch laptop?

  1. Hi. My name is Berry Craig. I was wondering if any of you tPF members could help me out. What LV messenger bag (or anyother bag) would fit a 15.4 inch laptop. Perferably in monogram canvas.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. The Congo GM and Abbesses are the only ones that come to mind.
  3. The Soft Briefcase would be perfect for you!
  4. Thanks for the speedy reply. I really want the abesses. I need to take my laptop in and see which fits best! Thanks! :tup:
  5. my black epi fit nicely....:tup:

  6. What about a DG compagnon?
  7. My suggestion would be the Abesses if your looking to get something in mono canvas. :tup:
  8. I use an Azur Saleya GM for my 15.4 inch laptop =]
  9. My 15" MAC Powerbook fits PERFECTLY into my ABESESS (I use a soft foamy zipper laptop pouch then place it into the bag).

    I also use a Monogram Glace STEVE bag - it fits, but very snug. But that bag is tres chic! :yes:
  10. The Abbesses is a snug fit for my 15.4" Macbook Pro. It fits but it can be difficult to put in and remove. The Soft Briefcase, as someone mentioned before, and the Sac Plat are the ones that best fit in Mono.