What LV items have you lost, got stolen or ruined beyond repair?

  1. I thought it would be interesting to hear all these heartbreaking stories...:crybaby:

    I will start...I was stupid enough when I used to have roommates to just leave my yellow epi continental wallet (the longer version of the french purse) lying around in my room while I was out. Well, one day I came back and it was gone...
  2. I had a Josephine GM in the cherry color.. well it bled all over and was ruined. I took it to LV and they said they couldn't do anything. So of course... dumb me, I tried to dye the whole bag a rasberry color. Umm.. yeah. That's the end of the story. :p
  3. nothing yet... i hope nothing bad happens to my bags!:crybaby:
  4. nothing bad to me yet *crosses fingers*
  5. but this is a good thread id like to see what ppl have to say. i think when i was browsing today i saw a lady that got hair dye on her pink cb papillon. it was soo sad.
  6. My first LV was a petite bucket and I got it in 99. When I was no longer with the person who gave it to me I kinda used and abused the bag then didn't use it for a long time and left it locked up. Right now it is so icky inside. The vuittonite is sticky and peeling off--it looks totally gross and the vacehtta is a mess! I am sure it an be repaired but at this point I would rather just buy a new bag.
  7. I left my Damier Koala wallet on top of my ironing board. A water bottle was also on the ironing board and had fallen over and started leaking water onto the board. My Koala was soaking in the water for awhile before I noticed it!!!! Aargh!! It eventally dried out but there is two very light water stains that I can see clearly that probably most other people wouldn't even notice but again, I know the stains are there!! The stains are actually on the inside of the wallet on the red surface, not on the outside of the wallet. However, I still use the wallet!!
  8. When I was in university I travelled bag via train from my parents and forgot my small agenda and fountain pen in the little pocket in front of my seat-I never got it back. My dad got it for me from Harrods and it was one of the very first ever made. It makes me sad to think of it as my dad was so sweet to get it for me and as he is not alive anymore everything I got from him is special to me. At the same christmas he gave me the agenda he gave me a cosmetic bag from LV and this is beyond repair, the inside coating is coming off-but I still have it and will never let it go!
  9. eeek!!! i am sorry these things happened to you guys :sad:

    the worst LV situation I had wa when my white MC Wapity was dying......isnt wasnt dying, but the print rubbed off and turned the white canvas green, red, and brown.......... now its in CA at the LV factory........ :crybaby:
  10. so far nothing *knock on wood*
  11. thanks so much for sharing those stories!

    Londonholly, you must've been heartbroken when you lost those items. =(
  12. Nothing so far, but I was crazy enough to give bags away. Never again.
  13. nothing yet and hoping nothing bad happens to my bag
  14. so glad nothing happened yet. Once I thought a lost my MC alma, but instead my boyfriend hide it from me as I tend to leave stuff around. I am not the neatest person in the world. An hour later he gave it back.. thats the last time i will leave my bag in the back yard
  15. My bf and I had went out one night, and I had put HIS small card holder (Damier) in my coat pocket (Wool overcoat) I took it to the drycleaners and when I picked it up, they said oh, you left this in a pocket and we put it in the chemical with the coat, sorry, it was in a paper bag I said, okay, thanks, when I got home I looked in the bag thinking it was some papers I had left in my pocket I looked, and there was the LV, lets just say don't take LV to the dry cleaners!!! When her got home he said, I only have half my cards, the rest are in your coat, I showed him......... The leather lining was all wrinkled and the picture from his ID card transfered to the wallet, as well, the mono. print was FADED, you could bearly see it. His responce was: Now I know why you don't like carrying my stuff!!! He has never asked me to take his wallet for him again, unless I have a big purse and I put it in there, but I only had the pochette that night! It was sad, but life goes on and it is now part of my collection! I bought him a new one too!