What LV item started your collection?

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  1. I notice that a lot of ladies get a Speedy first. I was thinking about getting the Popincourt Haut as my first piece, but now I'm all of a sudden drawn to the Speedy 25. :shame: :lol: The Popincourt Haut's shoulder straps would be perfect, but I love the shape and simplicity of the Speedy 25. I'd be willing to give my shoulder a break for style. :amuse: Anyway, enough about me...

    What was your first LV? And what about it made you want more...and more...and more?:lol:
  2. My first LV was the damier papillon 26 :love: The Speedy 25 was what actually started my love for LV, but I had asked for it for Christmas, so I bought the papillon first, in November last year :nuts:
  3. Not exactly sure what the first LV I got was, but my first love was the bedford :biggrin:
  4. Ellipse!!!:love:
  5. Noriko!!! I would LOVE to see your bags!!! Your collection sounds AWESOME!!!:love:
  6. The ellipse backpack! :amuse:
  7. My first ever LV piece was an Epi Snap wallet in Tassili Jaune. I still love it!
  8. My first LV was the monogram papillion 26 because I was so in love with the shape and size and that piece officially started out my collection.

    However it's a different story if you count the two LVs my mom 'gave' me.
  9. my first LV item was an Epi Pocket Organizer in Myrtille.

  10. My first was the Speedy 25 and 40....I got them both at the same time.
  11. What was your first LV? And what about it made you want more...and more...and more?:lol:[/quote]

    hmm. .. two separate questions I suppose ;)

    First LV : was actually a non-purse item. My best friend in high school bought me a pochette extender (to be used as a keychain I guess!) for my b-day or christmas, I don't remember now. :suspiciou

    Item that made me want more and more: would have to be the epi pochette.
  12. My first was a Monogram Pochette. My first love was the Petit Noe in high school. I could never afford it though.

    Back then they were only around $400 or so.
    Man, inflation is a Beeauch!!
  13. My first LV item was the Speedy 30 :biggrin: My fiance bought me a matching Ludlow wallet for me that same day :love:
  14. Mine was an Alma in mono
  15. First was a baby blue vernis Bedford. Second was the cherry blossom retro.

    I'd like some wapity and damier and wapity :love: (love that name, can't stop) and...list goes on