What LV item is LEAST worth the money?

  1. IMO, it's the astropill. Huh? $230 for a flashlight??? :blink:
  2. Mini HL (for the same reason as Irissy)
  3. hmmm i love t all, apart from the trunks cos no one will let u use them if u wanted to, ummm the tobago, tagita, utah and nomade line so boring and bussiness like (i guess thats where the $ is)
  4. I have to agree with you on the astropill. Its cute, but I never did understand that one..
  5. I think the clothing influenced by Marc Jacobs. WAYYY to expensive and only good for one season. Haven't seen a timeless piece in years. Let's hope the winter 06 is actually wearable.
  6. I think the multicolour line. I don't see why its so expensie then its not even leather. (doesn't mean i wont save up and buy it though ;))
  7. I agree w/ the mini ellipse. I/'ve never actually seen anyone use it.
  8. The LV Agenda pens. I can't imagine spending $220+ for a pen that I'm probably going to lose in 7 days. And it's not even made out of real gold. Did anyone spend that much on it?
  9. The astropill :blink: Also, I think a few LV clutches and small accessories are overpriced. I think the lagoon clutch is $$$. It's pretty, but I'd rather just pay a little more and get a Speedy or Papillon 26.
  10. Additional straps can be very useful but WAAAAAY TOOO EXPENSIVE!!!JMO:Push: :shocked:
  11. Def. Mini Ellipse and Astropill!
  12. I'll pay $230 to hang something on my keys that works as a light before I pay $270 for something that simply holds my keys.

    I think it's the valet key holder.
    (even though I think it's adorable and wouldn't mind getting one as a GIFT-just wouldn't spend the money on it myself)
  13. The pens!!! What's so special about them (aside from the fact that they are LV, of course!)?
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