What LV is not worth the price?

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  1. What LVs do you think is not worth their price and why?

    Also, in general:

    Do you think that Canvas (not being leather and, I suspect, not even being a natural material) is worth the high price paid?

    Is the light cowhide trim that gathers every spot, grease, that darkens even from a tiny drop of water, indeed high quality and worth the price?

    Is Vernis that can get permanently ruined from just being near a newspaper genuine quality and can justify being so expensive?

    Do we really have to pay such a high price for being suspected of wearing a fake even if we don't?

    Do we really pay for good quality or does LV have geniuses in the marketing department to make the bags to sought after?
  2. If I had to name one bag, I'd say the multicolore pochette at current retail.

    As for your other questions, we all know there is a markup on the canvas bags...it's that way with every luxury item; we pay for quality and history.

  3. I would agree with you. The mc pochette is overpriced, the monogram canvas is only 286 I think so thats weird to me. The whole mc line is a lot more expensive but I suppose it's cuz its a new line. I like the classic mono canvas though. I think it's worth it. I love the fact that it doesnt go on sale because then I know Im getting a high end product that is great quality.
  4. I think LV is worth what you are paying for it. If you pay the price, you must feel that it is worth it, right?
    I feel that LV is a luxury brand and I am happy to save and pay for the pieces I want.
    I do believe the canvas is worth the money. It is actually much more durable than leather, yet it is lightweight. When it was created, it was the miracle fabric! It's funny how we now often prefer glass or leather to plastic or canvas.
    As for the other questions, I don't know. I think the value lies in the eyes of the purchaser. Pearls are fragile, but they are worth the price to me.
    Vernis will be worth the price to me because I want it! :smile:
    I don't live my life caring whether someone thinks I'm wearing a fake or not.
    I know that I'm not and that is all that matters.
  5. Exactly, I wholeheartedly concur.

    The people who do are worrying about the perceived status of the bag in OTHER PEOPLE'S EYES, instead of being primarily concerned with what the bag means to them.
  6. MC is really getting crazy prized, and the percentage price hikes on the Le Tal are going to make it astronomical.
  7. I think the reason why MC is "overpriced" is due to the process/how it's made. There are supposed to be 33 different colors, which I think is much more difficult to apply than the traditional silk-screen process for the monogram canvas. I don't prefer the MC line (I actually don't really like it, and I only plan to get small pieces from there if I decide to get something), but I think its expense is reasonable.

    As far as coated canvas is concerned, I think it's worth the price. It doesn't "rot" like leather does over time, and it's really water-proof. You can keep an LV bag for 10+ years and it'll still look really good for its age! I know because I have old bags.

    For vernis...I don't really know what to say. I'm not well-versed in the vernis category...
  8. to me, denim is the most overpriced, even though i love this line
  9. I would have to agree with you there.
  10. I'm sure the different lining has raised that price as well. Perhaps the time for the screening done on the bags but still. Very over priced.
  11. i think 'overpriced' is in the eye of the beholder. i can't/won't justify alot of money on what i see as a 'trendy' piece, nor will i on a piece that may not withstand some abuse (vernis) (although i LOVE the colors). i buy pieces that, to me, will withstand the test of time, and therefore they are worth the price. i like knowing that a bag i buy now could be used by my daughter 20 years from now- and still look fabulous!
  12. OK, I'll share my opinion too.

    I think MC and denim are waaay overpriced. I love MC, but everytime I consider buying it I find something better in other lines and end up buying it instead. I still want that pochette ;)

    Damier is the only line I believe priced rather right.

    Vernis doesn't stand up to my standards of quality, but I love the colors.

    I love LV not for the quality, I think some Prada bags are better quality and more pleasant feeling and better looking. However the brand itself, its attraction, it's high-end feel is what I like about LV. Yes, here the marketing people are the ones who've won me over. I just can't resist.

  13. i take my ludlow perle wallet to school every day, ive dropped it a couple of times (oops.) and it doesnt have any scratches on it. i even got pencil on the inside and out! all i had to do was erase it. it still looks new, and ive had it for half a year.. it was 335 dollars, and i get the most compliments on it. its worth it for me..
  14. ITA. Most all my LV is mono or damier, which are made to stand the test of time with style and durability. As far as the vachetta goes on the mono pieces, you will find all sorts of opinions on this forum, from letting it age/darken naturally, to using a spray protector to slow the process or carrying a spare plastic bag to protect it if you get caught in the rain.

    My only MC piece is the black mono pochette. Sure it was a splurge, but you know what? Every time I take it out for an evening whether in a dress or jeans I have even that much more a fabulous time because it's such a special bag to me. :wlae:

    What's not worth the price, IMO? Anything in the denim line. Denim bags remind me of my preteen years and - sorry - are just way too juvenile and casual looking.
  15. MINI HL MC!!! not not not worth the price!
    its 515 dollars! waaaaaay to expensive for a teensy bag..