What LV handbag do you like to use at the weekends?

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  1. What is your grab and go bag at the weekends, for fun shopping, brunches , lunches, dinne, cinema and just going out and having fun with friends and family?
  2. Mine are Alma BB DE, Eva DE and a black Pochette Metis - all very carefree. If I need more space, a Neverfull MM in DE or a red Kusama if I need a pop of color.
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  3. Pochette Metis empreinte or Speedy B25!
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  4. Pm reverse, Pm empreinte noir, speedy B 25 de, or psm bkp
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  6. All of them :lol:
    ( I don’t use them when I got to work!)

    The bag I grap without thinking is the favourite MM DE

    All my others I usually think about or check the weather first
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  7. I used bento bag, PS mini reverse, petite malle epi, duffle bag time trunk in the weekends mostly
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  8. Currently is this one.. Can’t stop using this bag.. :P
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  9. Alma BB, Hoxton PM, and Palm Springs back pack MM
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  10. Speedy 35 - out with baby
    Graceful pm - out for shopping / errands
    Mini pochette - grocery store / coffee

    All in DE :smile:
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  11. Montsouris GM - shopping and days out when we're walking around a lot
    Totally MM (or Montsouris) - when I'm meeting up with friends/family and want to bring my knitting with me
    Pochette Accessoires - cinema and general popping out for a coffee type situations

    For dinners I don't actually have a 'dressy' enough LV as all my items are mono canvas. However, for holiday's when packing has been an issue, I've used my Pochette Accessoires as make-up bag during travel, and then I empty it upon arrival and use it for lunches and dinners with a gold chain from Mautto.
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  12. I use my smaller bags. Alma BB’s, PM’s or PA’s. Depends on where I am going and what I am doing.
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  13. Depends what I'm doing, but usually the Speedy B 25 DE. Sometimes I adjust the straps or go handheld. Weather permitting, I do like the Cabas Piano on weekends. It just goes with everything and feels casually chic to me.
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  14. DE Pochette Accessories - for heavy shopping where I don't feel like carrying a big bag around all day on my shoulder. all I need is credit card and lipgloss :lol:
    DE Neverfull MM - for movie theater trips, road trips and camping
    Graceful Mono PM - Just got. So not a lot of weekend use yet but this seems to be a good in-between for me.
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