What LV does your SO/DH have?

  1. My DH has a Mono Credit Card Holder that he uses as a wallet and I just got him a Damier 6 Key Holder for his birthday and he loves both.
  2. He has a Taiga Wallet, a mono keep all (50) and some tennies.
  3. none yet...but he will choose something by Xmas im sure. Probably a toiletries bag or piece of luggage!
  4. Pegase, Keepall, credit card holder, mono wallet, olav Pm, Sac excursion, passport holder, mono speeding sneakers, , monte carlo loafers, blue and white sneakers, denim sneakers that's all I recall right now
  5. Nothing. I'm thinking of getting him one of the gorgeous leather wallets (I forget the line - something with an O, I think).
  6. Nothing yet, although he's been eyeing some wallets, ties, and cuff links.

  7. ooo I forgot ties he's got a few of those too my fav is the mix mono tie
  8. 3 Ties :smile: I bought him 2 and coaxed him on the 3rd LOL .. he's not a big designer type but I'm working on a pair of shoes and he's kinda liking them :smile: we'll see.

    Here's a pic of his latest tie .. and he even wanted to model it for tPF when I was going to just take a pic of it in the box !!! I thought that was very sweet of him ... this is called LV "Fetiche" Tie
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. none and he doesn't want any. i would LOVE to buy him LV. *sigh* he isn't into anything luxury lol.

    my dad on the other hand has a taiga wallet. i wouldn't be surprised if he ends up with some kind of luggage in the future.
  10. My DH would never own anything LV....he's not into luxury brands. That's alright with me....more money for me to spend on LV!!
  11. No. My DH would never own anything LV either. He thinks this is a complete waste of money. He hates fashion and lives in jeans and sweats. He also likes to buy his clothes at Value Village. But just mention hockey, casinos and electronics and he will be the first to spend.
  12. he has a damier zippy wallet, citadin, and mono belt

    and i'm going to get him an azur keepall 4 his b'day in Oct
  13. Mine doesn't own any LVs and he doesn't plan to in the future.

    He is not into fashion at all .... only beer and football. :rolleyes:

    I guess in our relationship opposites obvioulsy did attract.
  14. nothing, he doesn't really like LV...although he has admitted to liking the Damier wallets!
  15. my BF has a damier wallet I bought him for his birthday 2 years ago. He won't buy any LV stuff because he says I buy enough for the both of us. :roflmfao: