What LV did you use to not like but then it really grew on you?

  1. In the past, believe it or not I did not like the Speedy. I thought that it looked too uncomfortable to carry and boring. Now it is my favorite style!! I love carrying it.
    I use to not like Damier at all, now I think I like it more than mono!
  2. I felt that way about my bucket, but every time it's turn comes up, I'm glad to put my stuff in it & carry it!
  3. The petite noe.....:heart: it now!
  4. Anything from damier..used to not fancy this line..now i am in love..
  5. Both the bucket and the noe. Now I couldn't live without them!
  6. I did not like the speedy also but that was because it is a handheld bag. I was used to only shoulder bags. Now the speedy is my favorite especially my neo speedy.
  7. For me it was the Speedy, before I knew it was a classic and totally awesome!
  8. Definitely the speedy. Never liked the style. Now I love it.
  9. Geez, I've got a bunch I didn't like but now I do.
    -Denim line. I just thought it was ugly and now I love it!
    -Dentelle. It looked so old to me but now it feels like a classic.
    -Damier. Too masculine for me. Now I'll admit it's one of my fav pieces.
    -Vernis. Looked plastic. I really want one now.
  10. I used to dislike graffiti, now it's one of my favorite lines.:heart:
  11. My speedy. I never had a hand held bag before. It took some getting used to. Now I love it.
  12. I didnt like the cherry blossom line but now i loveeeeeeee itttt :kiss:
  13. The Miroir line... used to think it was tacky and looked like aluminum foil :p but I think I'm a huge fan now!
  14. Fringe Line.

  15. I was never a LV fan but now after my Montaigne Epi and now my Damier speedy I'm in love!!!!!!! I still not a fan of the Mono