What LV bags would you never buy and why?

  1. What bags did you not like after trying them on and why?

    Also, what styles do you find unappealing (without even having to try them on) and why?

    I thought I loved the Looping bags, but after trying one on, I hated the strap. If the strap were flat, I'd love it.

    Just looking at the Cite MM, I don't like it. I can't imaging carrying it...But I have an open mind. :lol:
  2. Sac de Nuit from the Trianon line, I just don't really like it and it's rather overpriced. (this isn't to say I wouldn't gladly accept one as a gift ! ;))

    Coussin GM and PM, the shape is just unappealing and I just wouldn't wear it.
  3. I wouldn't buy the Noe. The strap is too HM and hard to get into IMO.
  4. I wouldn't get stuff in vernis. It's nice but too much hard work.
  5. Im tooo SKEERD to say. Way too many LV lovers here! LOL!
  6. awwww, I'm sure we're all nice (opiniated) LV lovers!!! :amuse:
  7. I wouldn't buy any of the MC line,cute but just not my taste.
    I'm still on the fence regarding the Denim,I find those a bit trendy.
    The Perforated line leaves me colder than a tray of icecubes.
  8. The new Charms line. It looks like plastic and definitely not appealing to me.
  9. Anything from the Ambre line. It is so overpriced and ugly IMO.
  10. I was going to say the same thing as well.
    I saw the Charms line at the boutique and I thought it was very unattractive.
  11. ^^^Besides for the unappealing look, it's also seems overpriced.
  12. perforation, charms, mat and antigua are the lv lines that appeal the least to me
  13. perforated, vernis, MC in black or white, graffiti, antigua, monogram mini, murakamis or the hideous metallic speedies and almas!!....HAHA!!

    i love LV but i hate tacky LVs!

    simply put, i really go for classic/classic looking bags...monogram canvas, damier canvas, epi, suhali!!
  14. I think the Vernis line is really really pretty, but I heard it's hard to take care of :/
  15. I will probably never buy the monogram Speedy because everybody and their mom has it :smile:. It's a beautiful bag, don't get me wrong, but very common. I like to stand out. Especially with Suhali. :smile:

    I am, however, in love with the Cerises version and the denim line and I'd snatch those Speedies up in a second!