What LV bags/items have you parted with?

  1. Sold or given away, etc. And why.

    I haven't parted with any as I only got my first one this February.
  2. I sold my marly bandouliere because it reminded me of how dumb I was to buy it (it was a vintage, worn piece).

    I also sold a cosmetic pouch because I didn't really need it.

    Currently, I am in the process of selling a couple other bags because I don't need that many handbags. I never thought I would part with LVs but I got my spending way out of hand.

    And I gave away one of my LV catalogs...because I don't need 2, right? :rolleyes:
  3. Hehe none. I can't bear to, I love all my pieces too much :love:
  4. Mini Monogram josephine- I like it, but I bought it used, and was looking for one in better condition. Damier Papillon - I returned it to the store- I already had 2 other papillons and felt like I wasn't ready for the damier line yet.
  5. I gave away my monogram speedy 30 to a friend who was in desperate need of some designer items in her life.

    I sold my panda pochette on eBay and my MC speedy on eBay as well.

    I sold them because I grew tired of them. Although the panda pochette sale was too hasty a decision I now realize because I miss it!
  6. My red epi pochette. Just too small for me.
  7. None! I'm too attached to all my handbags, and besides, I'm only at the beginning of my LV obsession LOL! :cutesy:
  8. I sold an MC White Keepall and an MC White Mini HL :crybaby:due to the outside white canvas turning into a yellowish/peach color. :yucky:

    By the way .... Congrats on your first LV! :yahoo:

    What did you get?
  9. Originally Posted by mrs.herrera:
    "By the way .... Congrats on your first LV! What did you get?"


    I got a Speedy 30 mono as a gift in february.

    and then bought a mono pochette and mono batignolles vertical, both on their way to me from Elux. eep! Now i'm all set i think. :biggrin:
  10. I sold my Musette Tango on eBay. It was just too small and I never used it.
  11. i haven't sold any LV yet... but have listed a couple. i probably wouldn't sell anything LE, though
  12. WOW! You guys are good -- I have sold a lot!

    Mono Keepall 45 - too small
    Onatah Pochette - loved it but seemed redundant (I don't like having too many bags - weird, I know!)
    Black Epi Passy PM - too open at the top
    Epi Mandarin Speedy - too large in the 30 for me

    ... and many more!
  13. I am both an impulsive shopper and a fairweathered handbag fan - love a style one day (have to have it!) and then end up never using it. So, I've sold many of my LVs to purchase my most wanted LVs of that moment. Here's what I can remember:

    Gave away - Monogram Petit Noe to my Mom (I had purchased it pre-owned on eBay and didn't like the patina)

    Monogram Speedy 25 (Wanted the petit bucket and thought it would be too indulgent to own 2 LV bags at once - WOW I've changed :p ) - rebought one a few years later!
    Monogram Petit Bucket - Sold to purchase Mono Cabas Piano
    Monogram Vavin GM - Didn't like the open top
    Black multicolor Speedy - Thought it was too "flashy" - ended up rebuying it about 6 months later!
    Mini Mono Lucille PM - Too small
    Mini Mono Lucille GM - Same problem as Vavin GM
    Monogram Croissant MM - Didn't like the shape
    Monogram Coussin GM - Too small and flat
    Monogram Theda - Too open
    Cerises Speedy 25 - Too small (I'm partial to the Speedy 30)
    White multi Lodge PM - Too small, like the black MC better than white
    Black multicolor Petite Noe - Too "flashy" again
    Myrtille epi Alma - Didn't get much use of this color - ended up buying Black epi Alma
    Black epi Mandara MM - Didn't like the shape / long straps
    Black multicolor Boulogne - Too heavy, didn't like the shape
    Black epi Croisette PM - Too small for my everyday stuff
    "old" red epi Petite Noe - Didn't use this color much - ended up regretting selling it and buying a new supple epi Petite Noe in "new red"
  14. i sold my white wapity and koala agenda
  15. None yet, though I got my first LV this past December, so we'll see.