What LV bags age gracefully? Which don't?

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  1. All LV bags look great when they are in the LV Boutique, all new and untouched. However, which LV bags still look good after years and years of use when they are old and aged... in other words, which LV bags age gracefully and which do not age gracefully?

    I've seen an old Babylone and it looked pretty good and I've heard stories about 30-year-old Speedy's. I'm curious how the Lockit Horizontal would age (it's still a new bag), but you could tell by looking at an aged Alma? Also, how does the Cabas Mezzo age (the Mezzo looks so good when it's in the store). Pictures would be great... thanks.
  2. I think any mono canvas will age beautifully as long as you take good care of the vachetta. Canvas seems pretty indestructible, I am always amazed at the bag makeovers when people have their vachetta trims replaced on bags that are decades old, and it comes back looking good as new!
  3. :yes: :yes: I saw old epi with wrinkles, it proofs that leather is overated.
  4. I think almost everything ages well, unless abused ;)
  5. My Babylone is 10 years old and is absolutely gorgeous. Not a water spot anywhere and beautiful patina. It's a really pretty bag. This is one that ages really pretty.
  6. My monogram Speedy 25 is about 19 years old, and it holds up VERY well! I only have one part that is starting to wear on the outside, and that's because I haven't stored it fully stuffed, so it's creasing from a fold.
  7. So how well does an Alma age?
  8. I think Vernis pieces won't last for more than 10 years...
  9. This is a good, informative thread. As I have amassed my epi mandarin collection, I have wondered how they will age.
  10. I don't think light vernis ages gracefully, but mono bags look good unless they have major water or grease spots on the vachetta. Cabas piano, mezzo, Lockit, alma, have vachetta on the bottom so they are harder to take care of.
  11. i think the Damier bags will age well, even better than the Mono bags because of the vachetta (or lack thereof in the case of the Damier bags). and i think the Suhali bags will age quite well too, unless the hardware is all beat up

  12. HEY!!!! Careful....:P The two Spring Streets I have are already 6 years old and they are gorgeous!!! They just grow more graceful with age, just like me...:P :P :P

    Some guy posted a response to my pic with my Epi Mandarin Noe saying that he saw this bag in France and it was filthy and disgusting and looked horrible and mine looked so nice compared to that. FREAKED ME OUT!!! I ran home and Wilson leather lotioned mine and made sure there was no dirt and am storing it stuffed, but not too, so I think that if you take care of your things and LOVE them, they collect the love and look better with age, even if they have a couple of little spots, don't we all....??? But, if you abuse them and throw them and drag them on the ground, well, they're gonna look pretty dirty and damaged, only time will tell, but I'm betting that my vernis is gonna look pretty darn good in 10 years!!!:jammin:
  13. my friend just inherited her grandmother's speedy 30, which im assuming is hella ancient, since it even says 'louis vuitton malletier' on the tag instead of 'louis vuitton paris made in france' - and it is supernice even now...the leather pieces are a great dark honey, and the canvas is still pretty!!!

    i think the main thing that can go awry on bags is deformation of the shape...like it sits too long folded, or gets stretched out somehow.
  14. Damier holds up its value very well on ebay, and I'm guessing it's because it ages better than mono. Still, I've seen mono bags hold up very well, including a cabas piano. As long as you baby your bags and keep them stuffed, it shouldn't be a problem. I read on the mypoupette archives of how a woman folded her bag for a long time and when she got it out, some of the coated canvas chipped off from the folds!
  15. i think if you take proper care of your babies then most should age gracefully :smile: