What LV bag you carry with Mono Abbesses?

  1. Ladies... need your opinion.

    I need to carry my notebook around and the Abbessess fits perfectly. Now, my question is, do you just carry that one bag around, or do you carry another bag with you? I feel that I need to carry another bag to put my makeups...lol, keys, phone, etc which I know I'll have trouble finding or fitting if I throw it all in my Abbesses.

    I have an Azur Speedy 25, Mono Alma, Mono Poppincourt Haut,mono pouchette, denim speedy neo in my collecions. Which bag is the best to carry?:s

  2. I think a hand held would look really nice.
    I've seen that kind of really "busy" people hehe that needs to carry 2 bags I have been in that situation many times actually.
    But since the abbesses is already big, i think you should carry a small hand held (like the azur speedy 25) to make a nice balance
  3. I agree with handheld but I would go with the monogram...too much if you 2 or more patterns for me at least? What do you guys think?
  4. Prsonally I think speedy 25 is nice but if azur is not suitable, then i'll have to go with mono alma. Or I may need to add a new mono speedy 25 to my collection.:graucho:

    What other Lv bag would be nice that I should get?

    Btw, would an orange togo birkin 35cm be ok too?
  5. LOL I think a birkin is gorgeous with anything
  6. i carry the abbesses alone. maybe a pouchette for the inside to put my junk.
  7. I think so too, but I'm barely 5' and weighs 95lbs. With 2 big bags.....:rolleyes: hahaha. But I feel the two looks good together.

    I am probably considering to get a neverful mm so i can carry one bag. Can it fit my 13x11' laptop?
  8. Birkin is so hot!

    What if you got something like the neverfull (in a bigger size) and then put all your stuff inside one big bag?

  9. I am actually contemplating that. Actually i can put my laptop in the birkin, but i cannot close the flap and it juts out a little. I did carry it around like that sometimes coz it can hold my other things. As long as I'm not bothered about it jutting out plus sometimes the handles gets too heavy, it should be ok....i guess.
  10. ok, back to topic. If its you, what would you carry if you have to carry 2 bags with an abbesses?
  11. I would carry a small mono speedy with it - the 25. I wouldn't mix Azur with it because I don't care too much for wearing two LV prints together at the same time unless it's a wallet in a purse. A smaller Mono Speedy would be absolutely darling.
  12. ^^Tha's it. My next purchase would be the speedy 25 in mono. I was eyeing the neverful too...lol.

    Thanks everone for your wonderful feedbacks!:tup: