What LV bag would you use for travelling in the airport?

  1. Knowing the fact that you wouldn't mind for it to get dirty or scratched from being put on a black moving belt (= for them to check what is inside your bag as you pass through the clearance sites in the airport). :sad:
  2. As travel bags which I use for check in(but note I always travel with travel insurance in case my luggage gets stolen): lv mono keepall and/or pegase 60 .
    And as carry ons: bosphore pegase 50 and/or speedy 40 usually with a big handheld(such as the muse or the abesses) but mono is only good for travel if you dont mind the patina gettin g dirty......in this case, damier would be better
  3. hennaria, that's a good choice. Yeah, I mean as a carry on bag.
  4. I use a mono Speedy 40 as a carry on, it is very roomy.
  5. I was wondering if the bosphore was ok for carry on , the side pouch had me worried about dimensions. good to know.
  6. Yes, I was thinking to use a Speedy, too, but I'm not sure about the size, yet. But, now I know. ^_^
  7. You use a keepall as checked luggage? that seems scary to me, seeing as how it's soft luggage and everything.
  8. An old Keepall. You can't really hurt them once they're past that "new" stage. And they're inexpensive enough you can replace them when they get too beat up.
  9. traveled within the europe with it, to japan, to the us, etc and no probs so far:smile:
  10. well, as quoted, I have a special insrance in case.....but ever since 9/11 the airports are much more concerned about your luggage too....I always get mine back in a great way......also, my keepall is usually totally stuffed which also holds the bag not getting too beaten up.

    To me, lv luggage is to get used not only to get admired
  11. Even in buisness & coach?
  12. :blink:
    sorry didnt understand the question
  13. we sometimes fly first class & sometimes buisness. In first they let us get by with just about anything, but if we're stuck in buisness or coach they are much stricter with carry ons. I was wondering if you've taken it in buisness or coach w/o any prob. thanks.
  14. Yes, I travel usually with Pegase 60, Alize 24 Heures and my partner have another Pegase 60 and Satellite 53. Sometimes I will change the Alize 24 Heures to Carryall or even Evasion.

  15. We usually get by anything we carry when in First/Business first on Continental.