What LV bag to use when traveling through Europe?

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  1. Hello! I will be traveling to Italy for 10 days in July and was wondering what kind of LV bag I should take with me. I was thinking a shoulder bag or something that possibly goes across the body. I'll be traveling around northern Italy so I'll be in different cities throughout my stay. I'd love to hear what you think. Thanks!
  2. Damier Pochette Melville :smile:
  3. Would that be too flat? I'd like to be able to have some room for my camera and my agenda...
  4. take a messenger bag! that is very italian chic (from what i remember!)
  5. On my trips - when I just have room for one bag for an extended period - I always take my Tulum GM. It's very roomy, comfy, and has the security of a zippered top. The pouch on the outside also comes in handy for holding things like a passport/tickets or other flat documents you need quick access to while traveling. My other mainstay shoulder bags are the Luco and Noe, but I like the zippered top of the Tulum especially while traveling.
  6. You might want to leave your designer purses at home if travelling abroad. There are other threads were PFers were detained in customs on their return trip. If you do choose to take a LV to travel in Europe. It's their suggestion you bring copies of the receipt for your bag. Else you might find yourself paying taxes on items you've already owned.:sad:
  7. I used my Speedy 30 :smile:
  8. That's a good point...
  9. yup - this is a difficult decision. i have used the mezzo and loved it - but sometimes too big. i haved used the musette - great bag. the speedy 30 is great too - but unless you have the shoulder strap, it can be a nuisance. lately i travelled through asia and used my samur and i LOVED it! it can be used with the long strap over the body and then if i double the strap its great as a shoulder bag. 2 different compartments both with a flap and strap! i was AMAZED. i think that this is a classic bag that has been missed - but designed many years ago - with the the saddle bag in mind. anyway- there are so many options- it depends on you! and yes- bring your receipts- just in case with customs....

  10. Like someone mentioned, the tulum gm would be great.
  11. Thank you all for your suggestions ~ I appreciate it!
  12. I´d say a messenger bag! For example the Damier reporter Melville.
  13. I´ve never heard anyone get into customs in Europe by wearing a designer bag:confused1: What does that have to do with customs, the bag is already on you, they can´t charge anything on it.
  14. I use the Monogram Reporter GM for travel. You can wear it on the shoulder or across the body.