what LV bag should i buy?

  1. Hi! I'm looking to buy a new Louis Vuitton bag...I wanted to get the Speedy 30, but I was reading in other forums about how everyone has the monogram canvas and there are so many fake speedies that there isn't really a point to getting one...what's your take on this? Also, I'm thinking about getting a Damier Canvas Speedy or Damier Azur Canvas Speedy...are they all the same price?

    Or should I not get a Speedy and get a different LV bag altogether?
  2. The Damier, Azur and Mono are all the same price $620 and I think you should get what you like even if there are lots of fake speedy put there! YOU know yours is authentic. It was my first LV bag and noone ever asked if it was a fake.
  3. a speedy would be the perfect bag and yes yuo get alot of stares and occasional fake remarks but as longs ans you don't care and love you'r bag it shouldn't matter so if the mono speedy 30 was you'r first choice go for it after all that's the point of getting LV and yes all the canvas speedy's are the same price, and there's also the mini lin speedy in Dune wich I would def recomend you gettind it's TDF (this one cost a few dollars more)
  4. You should get a Speedy as you know yours will be authentic and you will enjoy this bag.
  5. Get the speedy if you like it :yes: you know it better the fact of your bag, it is REAL!
  6. if the mono is what you really like, go get it...... it is a wonderful bag

    never mind the fakes, you know yours is real......
  7. ITA :yes:
  8. Agree with blu_77. :yes:

    I would get a Speedy.
  9. well I have a mixed opinion... I personally wouldn't care about others thinking my bag is fake or whatsoever so from this perspective I'd say get what you want: if it's a speedy you want, then buy it! :yes: However your last question is where the "mixing" comes in lol. I personally don't like the mono or azur speedies (which are the same price btw) cuz I don't like the canvas lining inside, and sometimes I feel like people just want to get this model cuz it's supposed to be "classic". So from this second perspective, I'd suggest buy another bag that YOU LVoe, and not what others deem to be classic or what others love, kwim?... Well have fun buying your LV! :biggrin:
  10. Get a design YOU LIKE. Nothing else really matters :smile:
  11. If your heart is set on the speedy, forget the haters!

    I wish you the same feeling I get everytime I get something I love even though I live in the boonies and everyone thinks my LVs are all fake. It's such a personal thing and you can't let others come in between that!

    Forget them and go get your speedy!!!

    I think the mono is a great piece that you will never fall out of love with. The damier, I feel is a more business and "adult" look. I like to dress it up when I want to go out for a hot night on the town with my guy!

    Hope any of this helps and let us know what you decide!
  12. thank you so much for your answers! you guys are great!

    i really liked that picture of the mini lin in dune...how much is it exactly?

    i feel a lot better, i'm definitely getting a speedy now =]. you guys rock.


    what do you guys think of the epi leather speedy 25? also, does the epi leather come in more sizes or only the 25? and any more colors? because on eluxury, it's only available in 25 and blue.
  13. the speedy in mini lin dune is $675 via eluxury
    and the speedy also comes in 30 in epi...
  14. Oh gosh, an Epi Speedy is one of my must gets too!
    But I've been holding off on it cos there are other limited run things I'm eyeing :sad:

    Yes Epi Speedys comes in 25 and 30 :smile: The epis generally look bigger than the monos so to me the 30 looks too big. Probably try calling the hotline to locate other colours for you :smile:

  15. You should definitely get the Mini Lin in Dune! IT's AMAZING!!!:yahoo: