What LV bag is this?

  1. Ummm...

    it's called the Oskar Waltz..it's the GM version of Macha Waltz, and it was released for the past Fall/ winter season, aprox. a year ago

    I think it was about $5000-$6000
    Kinda expensive yeah...mostly because of the Ostrich and Python trims..it's pretty much Discontinued now...
  2. A friend of my sister's had her call me to ask what it is called. She is in love with it. I'll tell her- thanks!
  3. Ihave no idea?
  4. Right. It is the Oskar Waltz.
  5. This is the only pic I could find of a (possible) authentic. This one is the smaller size (Macha Waltz).
  6. OMG, that's beautiful....
  7. oscar waltz it is really fabulase it is no longer sold.
    it was about $7800
  8. i saw that episode. MJ gave that to Oprah as a gift. lucky gal. she said she's so attached to the bag she even named it.
  9. It's kinda sad since after Oprah had it on her show, the fakes ones were going for like $2,000!! and people were bidding on it like crazy....
  10. $2000 for a fake bag?? Geeesh.. People are krazy !!
  11. I LOVE that bag!!!:love:
  12. My wonderful husband just bought me one in the LV in Mexico CIty. There were only about 120 made - total, so say the people on Ebay. I got the Oskar Waltz (the larger version). It also has a chain with ostrich leather handle that is removable. Absolutely fabulous!:heart:
  13. The bag that Oprah has is Oskar Waltz and it was US$5250.00.:love: Not as bad as I thought!!!
  14. I could see the OW in your collection!! Fantastic bag!