What LV bag is this?

  1. malaysian pop princess just got married a few days ago, and one of the gifts from the groom is this bag, and i dont remember seeing this LV bag before.

  2. what the f!!, $10,700????? no wonder the bride is happy!!!

    another pic of the bag in the gold case:

  3. Omg!
  5. :roflmfao: it's quite a beautiful purse though.
  6. I like this bag. It looks rich.
  7. Yes, pop princess is Siti Nurhaliza.
  8. oh ya, she's siti norhaliza.

    by the way, her hubby stays in the same condo as me. i wonder is she going to staying here as well?:nuts:

  9. I don;t know which one I like more the case or the bag now...Wow!!!:wtf:
  10. Yikes! Very pricey but I definitely am drooling over it.
  11. The case is typically used for wedding gifts for the bride. I dont think it comes with the bag. As this is for Siti Nurhaliza, I guess it has to be a very expensive LV, I think she will be offended if she gets a mono speedy as one of the gifts!
    So single girls here, find a rich man from the east and get your LE LVs as one of several wedding gifts from the groom!:smile:
  12. i read that Siti Nurhaliza's husband is some Datuk or other. somehow these stars always end up marrying titled people. like Paula Malai Ali married Tunku 'Kudin' and is now part of the Kedah Royal Family:girlsigh:.
  13. Lol..I know it doesn't come with the bag..the bag only come with silk dustbag..
    The bag is over $10 K