What LV bag do you use the most?

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  1. Ok, so im sitting here looking at everyones bags, and thinking of all the wonderful bags everyone has on tPF! Many people have LE, seasonal and then we come down to the much loved speedy and bh, so which bag do you use most often from your collection?
    I will start, I only have a small collection so I use my damier speedy almost everyday. :p
  2. It really depends on what is my newest!! I tend to carry whatever I most recently bought! So right now my Fersen. I fall in love with it everyday over and over.
  3. I use my Speedy 30 everyday, but in the weekend I use my Lockit
  4. le fab!!! i have blue one... i just can't put her down!!!

    my manhattan pm goes out with me quite a bit too.....:heart:
  5. My Damier Geant Pionnier backpack! I love it sooo much! I want it in black but I will proably wait till the new dark/navy blue color comes out! I should carry my Sac Squash more and give the other one a break lol
  6. I use one of my speedies most often; but I think my new BH is going to be giving them a run for their money.
  7. Speedy in Azur.
  8. Popincourt haut.. but lately, I've been really feeling the speedy ! :yes:
  9. I use my Papillon 30 in Mono the most, then, is the pochette.
  10. I use the Monogram Keepall 45 the most - generally 5 days a week to uni...but with the black Epi Keepall 45 in my hands soon, I think that will be the most used! :p
  11. I use my Patchwork Speedy everyday now.
    Last night I used my alma because I was going to the beach. I havent used my alma in FOREVER.

    But yes. Patchwork is my love.
  12. I use my black epi speedy 25 the most. It looks great with almost anything!
  13. Speddy 30

  14. Sophia, would you recommend the Manhattan PM? Im just scared of the vachetta for everyday use, im used to the damier! xx
  15. In the past I carried Cabas Mezzo the most but now I use the Azur Saleya MM or GM. If I want to be hands-free then I wear my Tulum GM. For special moments I wear my silver Miroir Papillon.