What LV bag do you recommend for work/ laptop

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  1. Hi All,

    I need to purchase a bag for carrying a 13inch laptop (macbook pro), large agenda and other bits...

    Can you recommend something that's light but stylish (ideally with compartments), I prefer not to go for the neverful styles.

    Is there anything else you recommend?
  2. I use the Estrela NM in noir for work and love it. It very comfortably holds my 14" laptop with lots of room to spare.
  3. That's great! Thank you...

    I currently use a similar, discontinued version of that bag...MM which is too small...(possibly called a Saleya? Can't remember)

    Is NM the size? I am so out of touch...
  4. Totally MM

  5. +1

  6. NM is the new model -- I have it with the black leather trim. I also have the Totally but it was not large enough to comfortably hold my 14" laptop.
  7. Montaigne GM!
  8. Neverfull MM is my daily bag, can actually fit a 15" Macbook Pro without stretching the bag funny. Just such a useful and simple bag!
  9. I love the Cabas Mezzo as a laptop bag but I'm not sure it would fit a 14". Plus you would have to buy pre-owned. But I think it's classy, not overdone, and has two pockets.

    I also use my Mahina XL with my laptops sometimes, but it's probably not an everyday laptop bag.
  10. Whatever you decide to go with you can always get a Smorga insert or custom insert for it to make it more of a "work" bag.
  11. How about a totally ? I love my neverfull . Otherwise I think an epi brea should fit...