what LV bag do u carry when u dress up in black?

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  1. I like to dress up in black. And I feel like damier and mono bags dont really fit well w/ it..and thinking about getting a black epi purse even though I dont like epi line that much..

    What bag do you carry when you wear all in black?
  2. I have no problem wearing my mono or damier when wearing all black
  3. Damier and Mono bags :graucho: . I think it's fine, cause they are classic patterns.
  4. casual dressing: get mono or damier..
    evening dressing: get epi or vernis amarande
  5. I think all of the bags look great dressed casually with black. For a dressier look, I think the vernis would look great (ones expeically without vachette like the new wilshire) or the eva.
  6. you can match any color of the bag, if you wear black. I wore little black dress, and wear white MC. it looks good too.
  7. I see a lot of women carrying Damier bags when wearing black... looks great!
  8. i like wearing a little color like amarante or pomme vernis :3 not something too bold like rose pop....
  9. Damier, Vernis, Epi, Suhali, Mahina...
  10. Vernis Roxbury in Pomme or Amarante, Stephen Sprouse' Roses, Epi in Red, and believe it or not, I saw a girl in a nice black dress with her Damier Speedy - looks great!
  11. Damier and Mono :smile:
    Although i'm currently using Vernis alma Amarante for evenings. :smile:
  12. Pomme Alma.
  13. black MC, vernis.... i dont like classic mono or damier, or anything brown when im wearing black.....
  14. Casual: I wear Mono, Damier, Graffiti
    Dressy: Miroir, Motard
  15. Mahina or Vernis!