What LV bag can sore a macbook?

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  1. oops I meant store*


    I am looking for a bag I can use for school. I also need it to store macbook. I will be using this bag for 3 years so I need a good sturdy bag that will last and store my school stuff. I tried searching and looking around this forum but still wasn't sure which bag would be best, thought I'll ask. TIA

    Which bag would be best?
  2. well theres infinite options.

    hand held.
    Macassar Davis
    Macassar Briefcase
    Monogram Soft Briefcase
    Monogram Briefcase Pegase
    Monogram Beaubourg



    just look on the LV website anything that's 13"+
    will do the trick
  3. Neverfull GM! I have a 13 inch pro and it fits in my bag with room for textbooks. BONUS, it can be used when you're not in school :smile: I'd suggest a sleeve though
  4. My Neverfull MM holds my Macbook with lots of room to spare. Totally MM can also hold a Macbook comfortably. I'd go for a tote style for this purpose.
  5. i put mine in my nf gm and use it everyday for school. works great, and lots of room left over for textbooks, notebooks, etc
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    I'm so glad you started this thread! I have been wondering the same thing. I want a bag that will store my laptop, but I want to travel with it, put some of my kids things in it etc. and I need it to be easy to carry through the airport. I was actually looking at some of the men's messenger bags and I really like the Brooklyn Gm in Damier Ebene. I don't think it looks to "manly" and I like the fact that it can be a messenger bag. You might take a look at that on the LV website. I'm not a big NF fan for anything heavy becuase I'm afraid the straps would hurt (I don't own one so I can't comment on real life experience with the bag), plus I want something to wear cross body if I can. I'm looking forward to reading everyone's responses. Hope to help, Good luck!
  7. I can fit my laptop into the BH plus still have room for other stuff. I like it because the straps are wide and quite comfortable on the shoulder. When I was in the store I had my SA give me several binders to put into it to see how comfortable it can be. I think the bottom is a bit more re-inforced as it didn't sagged.

    It is an open top but I didn't mind as much as I thought.
  8. Neverfull MM or GM. For school, i currently use a Monogram NF MM. It fits my laptop & a couple books & notebooks. I'm also thinking about buying a GM in Damier Canvas to fit all those things plus my eva clutch.
  9. I have a 13'' aluminum unibody macbook and it fits into my NF GM and my monty GM. It fits standing up in my totally PM, but I cant zip it and can only carry it as a tote in the hand. Then again I really dont like any of them as laptop bags because the straps on all are too thin for a heavy laptop plus every day items. I couldnt imagine adding text books, ouch! I'd go with a mens messanger style bag or beaubourg and add a pretty bandeau.
  10. I saw my classmate carry her MacBook in her Neverfull MM (I think). It can't be a GM since she is petite and the bag looks perfect on her. So MacBook should fit in the Neverfull MM.
  11. I use the Icare for my laptop, it's very sturdy it has handles + a strap
  12. I highly recommend the Beaubourg for school. Simple design, fits a macbook, notes and all things you will need while at school.
  13. I agree with the posters who caution about using the NF because of the thin straps. Personally, I'd use a Totally GM or a Chelsea since the straps are wider and, to me, more stable. The last thing you want is for your NF straps to give way and your laptop falls to the ground. I've used my Chelsea as an everyday handbag, and as a travel carry-on tote bag.

    Good Luck!
  14. well was this for a guy or a girl?

    isn't be a pain to carry it on the NF since the straps are so skinny?