What LV are you planning to purchase next?

  1. I reeeeaally would like a Babylone, but I'll only buy it used. I can't handle sitting around waiting for the patina which never seems to come for me.

    What's your next purchase?
  2. One of the luggage pieces. Just can't decide which one.........
  3. (hopefully a papillion)
  4. Tentatively, something in monogram: speedy 25, coussin gm, or keepall 45 w/ shoulder strap. I haven't narrowed it down yet. But knowing me, I'll change my mind tomorrow. ;)
  5. I want a damier papilion, though I will have to wait for quite awhile. :sad:
  6. A vernis piece, still deciding which one...
  7. I'd like to get a mandarin Jasmine.
  8. Alma or a Speedy 35 -- for lugging stuff around while travelling.. that should be a good size right?
  9. I'm stalking a black Le Fab! I just got some black suhali mules, and now I need the bag to go with them!

    Hello Danielle!
  10. silver speedy
  11. Alma maybe or Papillon 30.
  12. I am thinking about the Piano or Mezzo although I love the look of the Babylone because I really like the longer shoulder straps. I would also probably look for it used(the Babylone) because I could get it quite a bit cheaper and there isn't the vachetta on the bottom to worry about. I wish I just had enough money to buy them all!!!
  13. The Charms Cabas or cles in Taupe. I got the fuchsia pochette and I'm hooked on that line!
  14. Not sure, maybe a wallet.. or the charms pochette.
  15. I want the Monogram Zippy Organizer next. I need a really good checkbook/wallet. :smile: